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zen by Mind Map: zen

1. I

1.1. eat

1.1.1. alkaline foods

1.1.2. aloe vera

1.1.3. apple cider (braggs)

1.1.4. avocado

1.1.5. banana

1.1.6. celery

1.1.7. cocoa

1.1.8. greens

1.1.9. kaya (coconut jam)

1.1.10. kimchi

1.1.11. kombucha

1.1.12. micronutrients b12 calcium magnesium zinc

1.1.13. olive oil

1.1.14. out

1.1.15. tofu

1.1.16. wheat germ oil

1.1.17. yam

1.2. float

1.2.1. climb

1.2.2. dance afrobeat stand youtube

1.2.3. hike trails tent

1.2.4. lift anchors

1.2.5. project will

1.2.6. skills yet no revenue African coasts shipyards

1.2.7. tech iPad Animation Desk Ultimate image Lake LumaFusion Sky Guide SunVox kotlin nim min pic debug flash schematics pcb software vue

1.2.8. Toronto apartment ≠ house tea

1.2.9. travel boat buoy in mast carbon fiber multihull design croatia France (godfather+wedding)

1.3. grow

1.3.1. dance

1.3.2. hereditary

1.3.3. public speaking

1.3.4. tech kindle A catcher in the rye Best Ever Indian Cookbook, Mridula Baljekar Eye, Brain, and Vision Quiet, Susan Cain The Gift of a Peaceful Death The wheat-free cook, gluten-free recipes for everyone, Jacqueline Mallorca The legendary Apple research group that shaped our world Ecological “law” turns out to just be the result of us fishing pixel fractal hamamat linktree rust scratch sketch theia netlify switch octopath traveler eeg

1.4. tend

1.4.1. business apollo office 365 xmatik car merge pi

1.4.2. family alain andon wika brayniac jeremy christiane lucienne jo dman dpoblador esteban victoria gerard aline iris mila ja pe martin tiger lily nima NN thoughts ola scode annie wouter bharti zhenya robin

1.4.3. geoff guillaume steph

1.4.4. friends strangers bastmann marsanfra

1.4.5. self garden hair hat PR card skin dead sea mud head to toe

1.5. want

1.5.1. resin

1.5.2. stable money accounting billing monthly statements mobile devices taxes

1.5.3. workshop lego putty peace

1.6. wear

1.6.1. fit

1.6.2. linen & cotton

2. turn

2.1. indeed was here

3. you

3.1. abstract

3.2. awaken

3.3. dance

3.4. not alone

3.5. sing

4. we

4.1. addiction

4.2. building

4.3. complementary

4.4. different

4.5. float

4.6. love

4.7. share