KIDNEY: Homeostasis

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KIDNEY: Homeostasis by Mind Map: KIDNEY: Homeostasis

1. Brain

1.1. Hypothalamus

1.1.1. Posterior pituitary gland Release of Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) work to decrease total body water loss or diuresis; more concentrated urine

2. Heart

2.1. Carotid sinuses

2.2. Aorta

2.2.1. atrial naturetic peptide (ANP)

2.2.2. Atria

2.3. Increase in blood pressure

2.4. Decrease cardiac output

2.4.1. reduces plasma flow ompensated by filtration fraction

2.5. Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) increases

3. Anatomy & Physiology

3.1. Renal (Fiborous) Capsule

3.2. Renal Cortex

3.2.1. Nephrons (Cortical)

3.3. Macula densa

3.4. Renal Medulla

3.4.1. Nephrons (Juxtamedullary) Afferent arteriole Receives blood to be filtered Glomerulus Network of capillaries filter blood Bowman's Capsule Collects filtrate Efferent Arteriole Peritubular Capillaries (Cortical ) Vasa Recta (Juxtamedullary) Blood components not filtered Proximal Convoluted Tubule Descending Loop of Henle Water reabsorption Ascending Loop of Henle Waste secretion and absorption of electrolytes (i.e. sodium, potassium, calcium) Collecting Ducts Preparation for waste excretion (i.e. excess sodium, potassium, urea)

3.4.2. Renal Columns

3.4.3. Renal Pyraminds

3.4.4. Papilla

3.5. Minor & Major Calicies

3.6. Renal Pelvis

3.7. Hilum

3.8. Ureters

3.9. Bladder

4. Lungs

4.1. Failure to regulate acid-base balance

4.1.1. Acidosis bicarbonate absorption increases & hydrogen ion secretion increases

4.1.2. Alkalosis bicarbonate absorption decreases & hydrogen ion secretion decreases

5. Mechanoreceptors

6. Chemoreceptors