30-Minute Therapy For Anger

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30-Minute Therapy For Anger by Mind Map: 30-Minute Therapy For Anger

1. Identify the Trouble Spots

1.1. Excessive Anger/Costs

1.2. Short Fuse Problem

1.3. Intensity Problem

1.4. Thinking When Angry

1.5. Reacting too Quickly

1.6. Getting Too Angry to listen

1.7. Becoming Resentful

1.8. Knowing Your Payoffs

2. Set Realistic Goals

2.1. Doing No Harm

2.2. Anger Management Goals

2.3. Substitution Principle

2.4. Accepting Your Anger

3. Use Your Anger Well

3.1. Anger Invitations

3.2. Breathing & Time OUT

3.3. Avoiding Anger as Permanent

3.4. Other peoples Shoes

3.5. Negative to Positive Thoughts

3.6. Identify Your Emotions

3.7. Look for Good

3.8. Defuse Conflict

3.9. Use "I" Statements

3.10. Fair Fighting

3.11. Forgive

3.12. Self-Forgiveness

4. Introduction

4.1. By Ronald Potter-Efron PhD & Patricia Potter Efron MS

4.2. Anger Fills with adrenaline, but can cloud our thinking= tends to get us into trouble

4.3. Help you process and control instead of lashing out at others. Cool Down Anger and respond calmly & effectively.

5. Bottom Line

5.1. Process and control Anger instead of lashing out to others.

5.2. Use conflict defusing techniques to help you cool down anger

5.3. You have control-- Respond calmly and effectively even in life's most aggravating situations.