Reader Response Theory (Into Thin Air)

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Reader Response Theory (Into Thin Air) by Mind Map: Reader Response Theory (Into Thin Air)

1. To connect to the novel through personal experiences

1.1. Allows reader to connect to how Jon explains the pain he went through

1.1.1. Keeps reader intrigued and wanting to read more

2. About the novel

2.1. Main Characters

2.1.1. Jon Krakauer Author of the novel Shares his story of the 1996 tragedy on Mount Everest

2.1.2. Rob Hall Head guide of Adventure Consultants (Service that escorts groups up Mt. Everest). Motivates everyone to accomplish the summit climb of Mt. Everest. Has a well known, great reputation of climbing. Has summated the tallest mountain in all seven continents.

2.1.3. Andy Harris Grows close with Jon Krakauer throughout their journy Passes away during the climb down from the summit Member of Jon's expedition group

2.1.4. Beck Weathers Part of Jon's expedition group Considered to be one of the 'heroes' in the novel He was left for dead at the summit but somehow fought through it and was able to get back to base camp alive. He is a doctor with a passion for climbing

2.1.5. Yasuko Namba Part of Jon's expedition group Left for the dead with Weathers at the summit Didn't have the strength to get through and passed away

2.2. Setting

2.2.1. At the airport in the U.S.A Before and after the climb Describes how he feels leading up to the biggest climb of his life After the climb Explains the mental problems that will always be there and the pain both mentally and physically he went through

2.2.2. Mt. Everest Where majority of the story took place Described as a 'hell whole' due to the events that took place there

2.3. Story outline

2.3.1. Flew over to Mt. Everest Met his guides and fellow climbers Summited to the top of Mt. Everest but the award came with a lot of down sides and regrets

3. Meanings

3.1. To relate to Jon's mental problems he had to go through

3.1.1. Allows the reader to reflect on the past experiences they have had where they have had the same problems as Jon Makes readers enjoy the novel more

3.2. Analyze the novel from a personal level

3.2.1. Allows reader to feel like they are there with Jon experiencing everything as it unfolds

3.2.2. Novel was written from the person who was their and witnessed everything told in the nove Makes reader feel for the pain Jon went through

4. Jon Krakauer

4.1. Main Character

4.1.1. Allows readers to listen to the struggles he went through Makes readers appreciate and respect... Their lives more How fortunate they are Jon's personality and the struggles he went through

4.2. Author

4.2.1. Allows Jon to explain events that took place the way he went through them Makes the text more real and better to analyze from a personal level Non-fictional