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Magnets by Mind Map: Magnets

1. What are magnets?

1.1. Special objects that attract or pull metals. e.g. Iron, Steel

2. Different groups of magnets

2.1. MAN-MADE:Special mixtures, Iron, Steel. NATURAL:Lodestone

2.2. SHAPES:Rod magnet, Button magnet, U-shaped magnet, Horseshoe magnet, Ring magnet, Bar magnet.

3. FUN-facts. 1) Some magnets are permanent while some are not. Magnets that can last for very long are usually made out of hard materials such as steel.Temporary magnets are usually made out of relatively weaker materials such as Nickel or Cobalt.

4. About magnets:1) It will come to a north-south direction. 2)It can repel other magnets when like poles face each other. 3)It has a north and south pole.

5. In what ways does magnet help us in our daily life?

5.1. e.g. We use small magnets to old important pieces of paper on metallic surfaces. e.g. Magnets on wallets or bags to lock easier. e.g. Magnetic strips on cards to register information .

6. Acronym to remember magnetic objects: SINC/CINS (Superman Is Not Cool/Coffee Is Not Sweet)-S for steel, I for iron, N for nickel and C for cobalt.

7. The 2 methods to make your own magnet: 1) Stroking method> Take a magnetic object listed in the black box above and stroke in using a magnet using the same side and a same direction many times. 2) Electric magnet> Do a simple circuit wit an magnetic material listed in the black box above and a battery and wire.