Setting up new cyfe tracking (technical guide)

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Setting up new cyfe tracking (technical guide) by Mind Map: Setting up new cyfe tracking (technical guide)

1. 1. Make sure you have setup and added to lastpass:

1.1. 123formbuilder account

1.1.1. (I used 2 for Vital Posture because your limited to 5 free forms each account)

1.2. callrail account

1.2.1. You should only need one account here

1.3. zapier account

1.3.1. (I used 3 for Vital Posture because your limited to 5 zaps each account)

2. 2.

2.1. Each "tracked page" needs to have:

2.1.1. 1. A unique phone number

2.1.2. 2. A unique form

2.1.3. 3. A unique header navigation

2.1.4. 4. A unique contact page linked in the navigation above This page obviously needs the unique phone number and form as above as well

3. 3.

3.1. Setting up phone numbers in Callrail

3.1.1. I recommend to use 'offline numbers' Setup tracked pages as individual "companies" (this is important for Zapier)

4. 4.

4.1. Setting up the 123formbuilder forms

4.1.1. Obviously make sure you spend some time in the settings makeing sure its going to the right people and so forth. It's important the thank you page goes to ONE consistant place (thus it can be included in the 'total conversions' at the top of cyfe' This one place should be registered as a Google Analytics Goal

5. 5.

5.1. Setting up Zapier

5.1.1. You need a zap for: 1. callrail to cyfe (PUSH API WIDGET) 2. 123formbuilder to cyfe (PUSH API WIDGET) you'll need to make lots of these so just FYI :)

6. A note: anticipate 3 days setup for all this. It seems simple at first glance but its actually pretty tedius and you'll need to do lots of testing to make sure it works flawlessly

7. 6. TEST TEST TEST. The last thing you want is forms that don't function, phone numbers going to dead signals or tracking that isn't live :)