Tomorrow, When the War Began

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Tomorrow, When the War Began by Mind Map: Tomorrow, When the War Began

1. Theme

1.1. unexpected things always happen

1.2. don't expect everything to stay the same

1.3. teenagers were able to think logically when they had to

1.4. find out for yourself what things are really like - don't just go by a sign, what others say, or what it's always been

1.5. things can be the opposite of what they seem to be or what others say they are

2. Character

2.1. Homer was always mucking around at school but became the leader

2.2. Fi always did what her parents said/always had them there to help but learnt to be brave, take risks and do things on her own

2.3. even though they were friends, after being together for so long with no other people they found things about each other that they didn't really like

2.4. they all became braver because they wanted to be back with their families

2.4.1. they all became independent because they had no one to rely on

2.5. Robyn was Christian and managed to hold on to her faith and beliefs through the whole thing

3. Setting

3.1. past tense

3.2. Hell

3.3. Wirrawee

3.4. Australians

3.5. the place was called Hell but it was the one safe place

4. Plot

4.1. bunch of 7 teenagers just going away for the holidays

4.2. parents were worried if the kids would be safe when it should have been the other way round

4.3. foreigners invading and taking over

5. Style

5.1. retelling event in the order they happened but the start and end are present tense

5.2. First person narration - Ellie Linton

5.3. colloquial language

5.4. style shows author's theme of these guys still just being teenagers