Project start

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Project start by Mind Map: Project start

1. Tools

1.1. Issue trackers

1.1.1. Trello

1.1.2. Jira

1.2. Repository

1.2.1. GitHub

1.2.2. BitBucket

1.3. Environment

1.3.1. Environment type AWS Google Cloud

1.3.2. Environment purpose Producrion QA/Staging Development

1.4. IDE

1.5. Access

1.5.1. VPN

1.5.2. VDI

2. Documentation

2.1. Contract

2.1.1. SoW

2.1.2. MSA

2.1.3. NDA

2.2. Stakeholder register

2.2.1. Sponsor

2.2.2. Product manager

2.2.3. Team

2.2.4. End Users

2.2.5. Stakeholders Responsibilities

2.2.6. Structure

2.3. Project Charter

2.3.1. Business need, problem or opportunity What are the reasons for undertaking the project? What issue/problem or opportunity is the project addressing? What will happened if the project will not be implemented?

2.3.2. Project Objectives and Benefits What is the goal of the project? (SMART) What are the objectives and benefits of the project?

2.3.3. Project Organization Who are the main stakeholders?

2.3.4. High-level project description and scope What the project is going to achieve?

2.3.5. What are the deliverables of the project?

2.3.6. Constraints Time When does the project start? When is the planned finish date? Are there any intermediate milestones? Cost What is the budget for the project? What is the billing schedule? Scope What are the in-scope items? What are the out-of-scope items? Quality What is acceptable quality Level? Type of testing to be used? Technology Are there any restrictions regarding technology? Resources Are there any restrictions for resources? What resources have been allocated to the project? Where will the project team be based? Are some special skills or certificates required?

2.3.7. RAID Risks What are the potential risks in the project? Assumptions What assumptions needed to be tested? Issues Are there any issues related to the project? Dependencies Are there any dependencies?

2.4. Project plan

2.4.1. Scope management Scope Management Plan Requirements Functional Non-functional WBS

2.4.2. Time management Time Management Plan Estimate Schedule

2.4.3. Cost Management Cost Management Plan Budget Baseline

2.4.4. Quality Management Plan

2.4.5. Human Resource Management Plan

2.4.6. Communications Management Plan

2.4.7. Risk Management Risk Management Plan Risk Log

2.4.8. Stakeholder Management Plan

3. Processes

3.1. Progress tracking

3.1.1. EVM

3.1.2. Burndown

3.2. Methodology

3.2.1. Agile

3.2.2. Kanban

3.2.3. Waterfall

3.3. Meetings

3.3.1. Kick-off

3.3.2. Regular meetings

3.4. Deployment process

3.5. Gitflow

3.5.1. Branching

3.5.2. Code review