FMDT Day training

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FMDT Day training by Mind Map: FMDT Day training

1. Removes owner factor

2. Concerns:

2.1. Resource guarding

2.2. Not taking food near others

2.3. Dogs that bark, paw at, or otherwise disrupt others

2.4. Intact or adolescent dogs in general

2.5. Need for crates or other timeout?

3. Examples of this working:

3.1. Zoos

3.2. Noble Beast

3.3. Training with Grace

3.4. Canine Coach

4. What makes these programs work?

4.1. Admitting dogs

4.2. Trainer attributes

4.3. Owner compliance?

4.4. How to build groups of dogs

4.5. Core limitations and goals

4.6. Strong mat/place/station training?

5. Opportunities

5.1. Better business model?

5.2. Allows for dogs to get shorter training sessions without owner feeling jipped

6. Curriculum examples

6.1. Fenzi TEAM titles

6.1.1. Level One – Fenzi TEAM Titles

6.2. Rubric for school


6.3. Marketing materials/program overview


7. Owner follow thru

7.1. Do owners get to pick goals, or is this a set curriculum? Would more choice increase followthru?

8. Behavior "Packages"