Chapter 4 & 5: Laughter Out of Place

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Chapter 4 & 5: Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Chapter 4 & 5: Laughter Out of Place

1. Gerson and Gloria

1.1. Son Pedro Paul died

1.1.1. In prison for 15 years For Robbery

1.2. Street Children

1.2.1. Gang Life Gang leader sometimes seen as "hero" to children

2. Children in Streets

2.1. Dangerous enviornments

2.2. Gloria Would disciple children

2.2.1. For their own Saftey Expected them to go to school, be safe, and to stay clean

2.3. Almost 200,000 children living in streets

2.3.1. Innocent victims

3. Street Children World Cup

3.1. "Save the Children" Global Campaign

3.1.1. Amos Trust Organization

3.2. Helps Children be "Heard"

3.2.1. Challenges negative sterotypes Their rights

3.3. Created in 2010

4. Crime

4.1. Gangs

4.1.1. Fights Violence

4.1.2. Drug - Trafficking

4.1.3. Dimo, Ivo,Brago "Police Bandits"

4.1.4. Brown Zones

5. Religion

5.1. Conversion happening

5.1.1. Residents see the effects of violence all around Particularly low-income women

5.2. Oppositional Cultures

5.2.1. Violence can have ripple affects on children and adults

6. Local Crimes

6.1. Leaders known as "reasonable" persons

6.2. Want Revenge on community and its people/leaders

6.3. Workers viewed police as criminals

6.3.1. Police system has crimes within its own system

6.4. Lack of Trust in Police