Skype conference calls; a way to promote Speaking skills in the teaching and learning of English.

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Skype conference calls; a way to promote Speaking skills in the teaching and learning of English. by Mind Map: Skype conference calls; a way to promote Speaking skills in the teaching and learning of English.

1. Provide opportunities

1.1. Proficiency

1.2. Motivation

1.3. Knowlege

2. Pedagogical Intervention

2.1. • Pre-stage: This initial stage was essentially devoted to informing the participants and the administrative staff at ILUD

2.2. • While stage: During the pedagogical intervention of this project, the online Skype™ conference calls were implemented. Fifty hours of the pedagogical intervention were held according to the participants’ time availability.

2.3. • Post stage: Once the 50 hours of pedagogical intervention were covered with online Skype™ sessions, two data collection instruments were applied by the researcher. The first one was a survey and the second one was a focus group.

3. Computer-Mediated Communication Tools in Language Learning and Teaching

3.1. An integration of computer technology with our everyday lives

3.2. It studies how human behaviors are maintained or altered by exchange of information through machines

3.3. Skype™ conference calls might constitute a precious tool to generate meaningful communication and interaction

3.4. Synchronous sessions help e-learners feel like participants rather than isolates

4. Skype™ Conference Calls in Language Learning and Teaching

4.1. Skype™ is a free computer program you can use to make telephone calls over the internet

4.2. Skype™ offers one of the most popular voice-over internet protocol services and with a computer, an internet connection, and a few simple steps, foreign language speakers and learners can connect with and call one another across time zonesff

4.3. Skype™ can dramatically alter how you exchange information, how you meet new people, and how you interact with friends, family, and colleagues

5. Speaking Skill in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

5.1. Common European Framework of Reference

5.1.1. be able to ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics

5.1.2. use simple phrases and sentences to describe where they live and people they know

5.2. Speaking skill viewed

5.2.1. Most challenging skills

6. Computer-mediated Communication

6.1. Asynchronous

6.2. Synchronous

7. Teacher

7.1. Should

8. Promoting Social Interaction Skills in English Language Learning

8.1. Conference calls promotes EFL A1 adult learners’ social interaction skills outside the classroom setting.

8.2. Fluency Reinforcement

8.2.1. "When you are in the Skype™ conference calls, you have time to organize your ideas while another person is speaking" by student.

8.3. The use of Skype™ conference calls helped learners reinforce their oral language fluency as they could communicate in the target language more effortlessly and with an easier command of language

8.4. Oral Reinforcement of Course Contents

8.4.1. The good thing of the Skype™ conference calls is that one can practice the topics that we study in class but in an oral way. This way, one progressively forgets about the fear to speak. (Student 1, Survey)