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2011 Fall Kindergarten Outreach by Mind Map: 2011 Fall Kindergarten Outreach
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2011 Fall Kindergarten Outreach

"Your eyes are awesome, but can't do everything" About 20 minutes (probably less).

Learning items

The sun is white, not yellow! 5-8 minutes

White light is always made up of many colors--at least red, blue, and green 5-8 minutes

Your eyes are so awesome, but they can't do everything 2-5 minutes

Topics not addressed

Why is the sky blue? / Why are sunsets red / magenta?

Introduction 2 minutes

I'm so excited to be here, Sammy tells me that there are a bunch of good listeners in this class and that it's and awesome class--that makes me happy.

I'm a scientist and teacher at UNM. I loved science when I was in school and had great teachers and I loved learning and doing experiments. I'm happy that you children get to learn about science with such great teachers.

In addition to loving my work (science), I like baseball (me and Sam watch the Tigers), running, and sunshine--today I wanted to talk about some mysteries of sunshine

Wednesday night to prepare

Rotating snakes printouts

Diffraction gratings

Buy laser pointer(s)