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Pacific Solutions by Mind Map: Pacific Solutions

1. Root

1.1. Home

1.2. About

1.3. Testimonials

1.4. Careers

1.5. Contact

1.6. Fleet Management

1.7. Search Results

2. Website

2.1. Sitemap

2.2. Privacy

2.3. Terms

3. Material Handling Solutions

3.1. Parts & Service

3.1.1. Capabilities

3.1.2. Operational Maintenance

3.2. New

3.2.1. New Forklifts for Sale Hyundai Cushion Electric Narrow Aisle Pneumatic Tire Diesel Pneumatic Tire LP Clark Cushion Electric Narrow Aisle Pneumatic Tire Walkie Stacker Combilift Donkey Bendi Drexel

3.2.2. Detail Page

3.3. Used

3.4. Parts

3.5. Rentals

3.5.1. Forklift

3.5.2. Scissor LIft

3.5.3. Floor Sweeper

3.5.4. Personnel Carrier

3.5.5. Detail Page

3.6. Leasing

3.6.1. Specials

4. Notes

4.1. Logos do not drive the home page logos area

4.2. Will need the business hosting plan due to the large number of fields in a couple cms collections

4.3. Will need Zapier to handle the workflow logic to send form data to different people.

4.4. Need to deal with the conflict of hover vs click state in desktop navigation vs mobile.

4.5. Sitemap was removed as there is no such feature.

4.6. Need recaptcha API key

4.7. Infobox uses a custom javascript snippet that replaces the {0} with the page h1 tag content.

4.8. Specs striped background is driven by a js snippet in the project settings level.

4.9. Forklift rental page was broken but in mine it just shows that no rentals are available.

4.10. ON detail pages, we have no ability to show the "download file name" unless they want to add that in there.

4.11. Material Handling Landing Page

4.11.1. Used Search Busted There are no products, so I made it a button and linked to the page.

4.11.2. Rental Search This is an entire search setup for about 5 items. I replaced it with a button to the rental options. Would anyone know what to search for in this case?

4.12. Feature products do not pull from database. They are hard-coded due to slider limitations

5. Commercial Trucks

5.1. Service

5.1.1. Operational Maintenance

5.1.2. Bit Inspections

5.2. New

5.2.1. The Cantor Advantage

5.2.2. Fuso Trucks for Sale Detail Page

5.3. Leasing

5.3.1. NationalLease - Capabilities

5.3.2. Leasing & Rental

5.3.3. Leasing & Maintenance

5.4. Used

5.4.1. Detail Page

5.5. Parts

5.6. Rentals

5.6.1. Detail Page

6. Warehouse Solutions

6.1. Cleaning Equipment

6.1.1. Powerboss Sweepers

6.1.2. Powerboss Scrubbers

6.2. Storage Solutions

6.2.1. Selective Pallet Racks

6.2.2. Cantilever Racks

6.2.3. Drive-in, Push-back, and Carton/Pallet Flows

6.2.4. Steel Shelving

6.2.5. Conveyors

6.2.6. Additional Warehouse Storage Solutions

6.3. Dock Equipment

6.3.1. Dock Levelers

6.3.2. Dock Seals

6.3.3. Strip Doors

6.3.4. Dock Boards

6.3.5. Additional Warehouse Dock Equipment

6.4. Ergonimic Equipment

6.4.1. Load Positioners

6.4.2. Scissor Lift Tables

6.4.3. Work Stations

6.5. Industrial Materials Handling

6.5.1. Pallet Jacks

6.5.2. Hand Trucks

6.5.3. Carts and Dollies

6.6. Warehouse Equipment Solutions

6.6.1. Genie Lifts for Sale

6.6.2. JLG Llifts for Sale

6.6.3. Skyjack Lifts for Sale

6.7. Detail Page