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1. Strong

2. Auther

2.1. Alex Gino

2.1.1. Transgender

2.1.2. Born in New York

3. Main charactar

3.1. George

3.1.1. Transgender

3.1.2. Uncertain

3.1.3. He loves to act

3.1.4. Not himself

3.1.5. Not really happy

3.2. Melissa

3.2.1. Sure

3.2.2. Happier

3.2.3. A girl

3.2.4. She is the main role Charlotte

4. Opinion

4.1. A beautiful book, because she was thinking over things that not everyone things about.

4.2. Nicely written, it was a good story and people can think of it.

5. Summary

5.1. George is a boy from the outside, but a girl from the inside. He calls himself Melissa. Nobody knows he feels that way. Until a theatreplay came out about her favourite book. The main role is about a girl named Charlotte. He wants to play Charlotte, but he isn't allowed to play in saying role, because George is a boy. He and his friend Kelly came up with a plan. He wants to come out in telling everyone he feels like he is a girl. It was hard, but George/Melissa has been given the role. She was happy and played her role very well.

6. Charactar

6.1. Kelly (Bestfriend of George/Melissa)