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The Foot by Mind Map: The Foot

1. Bones

1.1. Hindfoot

1.1.1. Calcaneous

1.1.2. Talus

1.2. Midfoot

1.2.1. Navicular

1.2.2. Talus

1.2.3. Cuneiform (x3)

1.3. Forefoot

1.3.1. Phalanges

1.3.2. Metatarsals

2. Ligaments

2.1. Tibiofibular Joint

2.1.1. anterior and posterior tibiofibular ligament

2.1.2. interosseous membrane

2.1.3. crural tibiofibular interosseous ligament (strongest)

2.1.4. anterior tibiofibular ligament

2.1.5. posterior tibiofibular ligament

2.2. Talocrural Joint

2.2.1. tibiotalar articulation: medial collateral or deltoid ligament tibionavicular ligament anteriorly anterior tibiotalar ligament a middle tibiocalcaneal ligament posterior tibiotalar ligament

2.2.2. tibiofibular articulation: lateral collateral ligament anterior talofibular ligament posterior talofibular posterior talofibular calcaneofibular ligament

2.3. Subtalar Joint

2.3.1. interosseous talocalcaneal ligament

2.3.2. cervical ligament

2.3.3. anterior talocalcaneal ligament

2.3.4. posterior talocalcaneal ligament

2.3.5. deltoid ligament

2.3.6. ateral collateral ligaments

2.4. Talocalcaneonavicular Joint

2.4.1. plantar calcaneonavicular “spring” ligament

2.4.2. tendon of tibialis posterior

2.4.3. deltoid ligament

2.4.4. calcaneonavicular ligament

2.4.5. dorsal talonavicular ligament

2.5. Calcaneocuboid Joint

2.5.1. long plantar ligament

2.5.2. calcaneocuboid ligament

2.5.3. plantar calcaneocuboid ligament

2.5.4. dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament

2.5.5. tendon of peroneus longus muscle

2.6. Transverse Tarsal Joint

2.6.1. ligaments and tendons that reinforce talocalcaneonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints

2.7. Tarsometatarsal Joint

2.7.1. dorsal, plantar, and interosseous tarsometatarsal ligaments

3. Muscles

3.1. Plantar

3.1.1. Layer 1: Flexor Digitorum Brevis Medial Plantar Nerve Abductor Hallucis Medial Plantar Nerve Abductor digiti minimi Lateral Plantar Nerve

3.1.2. Layer 2: Quadratus Plantae Lateral Plantar Nerve Lumbricals 1/2 medial 1/2 Plantar Nerve

3.1.3. Layer 3: Flexor digiti minimi brevis Lateral Plantar Nerve Adductor Hallucis Lateral Plantar Nerve Flexor Hallucis Brevis Medial Plantar Nerve

3.1.4. Layer 4: Plantar interossei Lateral Plantar Nerve Dorsal interossei Lateral Plantar Nerve

3.2. Dorsal

3.2.1. Superficial Extensor Digitorum Longus Extensor Hallucis Longus Fibularis Tertius

3.2.2. Deep Extensor Digitorum Brevis Extensor Hallucis Brevis