Jaehwan Seok

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Jaehwan Seok by Mind Map: Jaehwan Seok

1. Future

1.1. Will continue to have fun

1.1.1. I will not change my mindset on how I approach situations and activities, which is to have fun, now at my workplaces.

1.1.2. I will try and find more things to have fun with, along with having fun with the things that currently make me happy.

1.2. Career Dreams

1.2.1. Unrealistic dream: find a way to get enough money to sustain myself while only doing unproductive things that I enjoy doing.

1.2.2. Realistic dream: go to a university to get a degree in business, become a CPA like my father, and work in my father's company.

1.3. My Bucket List

1.3.1. I want to have been in every single continent (currently have been to North America and Asia).

1.3.2. I want to travel to all the provinces in Canada (currently have been in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec).

1.3.3. I want to go scuba diving (missed my opportunity because I was too young).

1.3.4. I want to go bungee jumping and/or sky diving.

1.4. Miscellaneous Goals

1.4.1. Stay healthy (both physically and mentally)

1.4.2. Stay safe

1.4.3. Get through the rest of high school without causing much trouble

2. Past

2.1. I had fun

2.1.1. I always tried to have fun even in situations and activities I didn't necessarily enjoy.

2.1.2. School was a place for me to have fun being with friends and learning about things.

2.2. My Background/Family

2.2.1. South Korea

2.2.2. Mom, dad, and older brother

2.2.3. Born 2003/06/27

2.2.4. Came to Canada as a family in December of 2009, when I was 6.

2.3. Activites

2.3.1. I did music related things, such as: piano lessons, guitar lessons, and joining the Children's choir.

2.3.2. I did sports related things, such as: playing on the SBMC basketball team from grades 4 to 7, taking swimming lessons, and taking skating lessons.

2.4. Achievements

2.4.1. Got the Academic Excellence at my elementary school (Taylor Park)

2.4.2. Got Excellence in Math and Music courses at my current high school (Byrne Creek)

2.4.3. Got Grade 9 Top Citizen at my current high school

2.4.4. Achieved Top 25% of multiple Waterloo Math Contests

3. Present

3.1. Still having fun

3.1.1. I still go to school and do activities with the same mindset as before.

3.1.2. "If you can't avoid it, enjoy it."

3.1.3. My hobbies are very fun to me.

3.2. Hobbies

3.2.1. All sorts of music, including wind ensemble and jazz band (trumpet), guitar, ocarina, and singing

3.2.2. Cross-stitching

3.2.3. Video games

3.2.4. Reading books

3.3. School

3.3.1. Very interested in math, science, and music

3.3.2. Member of a school volunteer club

3.3.3. I am social, like to interact with people, and actively participate in class.

3.4. Family

3.4.1. I have healthy relationships with my family members.

3.4.2. My parents are supportive of me and my brother.

3.4.3. My brother has always helped me out in and outside of school.