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Carbon fiber by Mind Map: Carbon fiber

1. How is it made?carbon fiber consists of very thin layers of carbon, it is one of the most resistent materials on earth , carbon fibers are twice as stiff as metal and steel, carbon fiber is made out of organic polymers.

2. What are they?carbon fiber is basically a thin material made out of tiny filaments of carbon.

3. what applications do they have?it is mainly used for automotive means, aerospace turbine engineering

4. is it biodegradable?, no its not.


5.1. How are they made?There are many kinds of bioplastics that come from natural polymers. Each one of these biopolymers is produced through a very specific process. They are usually made from oil

5.2. what applications do they have?they can replace certain kinds of plastics that are not biodegradable.

5.3. Are they biodegrade-able? a matter of weeks