Problem Solution Activity

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Problem Solution Activity by Mind Map: Problem Solution Activity

1. Solution 1:find a work. Solution 2: borrow some money from his friend solution 3:try to spend the least amount of money per day

2. Solution 1 : he has to threat his cousin to prevent her to tell his parents since he will tell her parents that she is smoking secretly. Solution 2 : he decide to be honest with his parents and promise them to improve his grades in the next semester. Solution 3:: he prefers to leave the foorball team to order to have good grades the next semester, but the coach refuses , so he decides to talk to his parents to convince them to let him stay.

3. Solution 1: move to another dorm outside university Solution 2: to shoot out a video that includes these men while they are playing loud music Solution 3: she could buy ear plugs In the first solution she will face transporation problem In the third solution it’s unsubstantial to keep the ear blugs on her head The second solution is the best solution because it will lead to the justice and the three men will have warning

4. Solution 1: Talk to each one seperately and discuss their problems in order to find solutions. 2) take them to places where feel comfortable and relief stress. 3) make them remember there good and happy memories. Conclusion: The best sol is the first one, because it can open between them conversation and they can take advices from us that makes them awar for the future

5. Solution 1: she can stop a car for help solution 2: she can work To the station solution 3: she can walk till she finds the signal evalution

6. Conflict 4