Asset becoming worthless

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Asset becoming worthless by Mind Map: Asset becoming worthless

1. Use of capital losses

1.1. Use of losses: general

1.2. Artificially created losses

2. Use of capital losses: qualifying shares

2.1. Share loss relief

2.2. Conditions

2.3. Qualifying shares

2.4. Claims for share loss rellief

3. Crystallising an allowable loss: asset lost or destroyed

3.1. No proceeds received for loss/destruction

3.2. Special treatment of land and buildings

3.3. Special treatment of chattels

3.4. Special treatment of options

3.5. Special treatment of goodwill

3.6. Compensation or insurance proceeds

3.7. Replacement assets

4. Crystallising an allowable loss: negligible value claims

4.1. What is a negligible value claim?

4.2. When may a claim be made?

4.3. Effect and timing of the claim

4.4. Practical points