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space by Mind Map: space

1. moon

1.1. 4 different seas

1.2. mountains

1.3. craters

2. black holes

2.1. not an empty hole

2.2. sucks things in

2.3. light cant even get out that is why they are called black holes radio waves can't get out

3. there are only 5 dwarf planets within our solar system Pluto which was in our solar system Eris farthest from sun that human discovered Haumea oval shaped makemake 3rd largest dwarf planet

3.1. dwarf planets Pluto, Eris, Ceres, Haumea and makemake, sedna, pheobe, varuna, salicia, huya, lxion, chariko, triton, orcus, vesta, varda

4. venus

4.1. no naturale satelingts

4.2. 2nd naturale brightest object in night sky

4.3. earths sister planet similar size mass

4.4. named after Roman goddess of love and beauty

5. solar system

5.1. 8 planets

5.2. pluto is a dwarf planet

5.3. each planet orbits the sun not pluto