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SM by Mind Map: SM

1. Agile Practices and methodologies

1.1. Choose and adjust right methodology for team and improves it over time

1.2. WIP transparency

1.3. Moderator and facilitator

1.4. helps team to be predictable (measure team performance)

1.5. Maintaing and setting up of tools

2. Team dynamics and interactions

2.1. Support teamwork and knowledge sharing

2.2. Hepls execute changes coming from outside

2.3. support for people manager - different view on team members, evaluation, 1:1,...

2.4. mediating through conflicts

3. Project Management

3.1. Estimate and track progress of milestones

3.2. Keep milestone up to date and transparent

3.3. Organize and plan preparations for milestone including necessary inputs

3.4. Help with cross team planning and staffing