The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

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The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

1. digital Literacy

1.1. The capability to use digital technology and knowing when to use it.

1.2. Appropriate Using the coputer for school work

1.3. Inapropriate Not knowing how to use the website needed for school outside of school

2. Digital Rights and Responsibilites

2.1. The privlages and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and behavioral exectations that come with them

2.2. Appropriate Students give proper credit to those who deserve it

2.3. Innapropriate Students take other people's work and don't ask or give credit

3. Digital Health and Wellness

3.1. The elements of physical and phsycological well-being related to digital technology use

3.2. Appropriate practice good posture

3.3. innapropriate Slouch while on the computer

4. Digital Security

4.1. the precaution that all technology users must take to garuntee their personal safety and security of their network

4.2. Students understand not to give away personal information.

4.3. Students give out their identity and personal information

5. digital law

5.1. the legal rights and restrictions governing technology use

5.2. appropriate Students take the allowed time from a video clip

5.3. innapropriate Students take a five minute video without askin or giving credit

6. Digital Commerce

6.1. Definition: The buying and selling of goods.

6.2. Appropriate use: Students find out if the website they buy off of is secure and safe.

6.3. Inappropriate use: Students puchase items off of an unsafe website that can scam you.

7. Digital Etiquette

7.1. Definition: The standards of conduct expected by other digital technologyusers.

7.2. Appropriate use: Students learn what is allowed and expected before they decide to use technology.

7.3. Inappropriate use: Students jump right into technology without reading what is law.

8. Digital Access

8.1. Definition: Full electronic participation in society.

8.2. Appropriate use: Students have the chance to use technology within any school

8.3. Inappropriate use: Students who get ignoed about digital needs and do not give them digital access.

9. Digital Communication

9.1. Definition:The electronic exchange of information.

9.2. Appropriate use: Students will only use thier communication devices when they wont bother or inturupt the class.

9.3. Inappropriate use: Students device or devices go off during the class.