Judicia Lee's Mind Map

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Judicia Lee's Mind Map by Mind Map: Judicia Lee's Mind Map


1.1. Insecure

1.1.1. I really cared about what others thought of me. I took everything that people said about me to heart.

1.1.2. I was constantly worried that people would talk about me behind my back and I never felt secure.

1.1.3. I was very self- conscious. I always thought that people were judging me.

1.2. Book worm

1.2.1. I LOVED reading so much. I would read whenever I had time to. I would stay up late reading novels. I loved every genre but my favourite were adventure and mystery. (They still are.)

1.2.2. In grade six I read the most books, at least 30, in the class and won an award for that.

1.2.3. I would go to the library every day and read a book until they closed.

1.3. Injured

1.3.1. I had a concussion in fourth grade that caused emotional and physical stress.

1.3.2. I got bullied at my schools, because I was injured and could not do things I did before, the teachers did not do a good job explaining to the students what happened and what a concussion was.

1.3.3. I was misunderstood as many did not understand what was wrong with me. (A concussion is not physically visible.)

1.4. Athletic

1.4.1. I was VERY athletic, often seen as a "tomboy" because I played with boys.

1.4.2. Won many sports awards, such as running/ track and field.

1.4.3. Participated in many sports clubs and programs. I had an activity every day after school.

1.4.4. Would practice sports after school in my backyard for hours.


2.1. Tries new things

2.1.1. I took Drama 9 to push myself outside of my comfort zone even though I was totally new to the subject and had never taken a course like it before.

2.1.2. This coming September I will be taking an Accounting 11 and Philosophy 12 course because I think it will be interesting to learn about.

2.1.3. I join clubs at school to meet new people that I might not usually talk to.

2.2. Carefree

2.2.1. I used to care a lot what others said about me, but now I learn that I can't control what others say, and I should just ignore them.

2.2.2. Thinks more positively and not negatively. I am more optimistic.

2.2.3. I don't take what others say to heart. I just keep doing my thing.

2.2.4. I worry less about judgement.

2.3. Enjoys music

2.3.1. Music is my getaway from everything that is going on. I listen whenever I am feeling sad.

2.3.2. I enjoy playing songs on the piano; some that I compose on my own.

2.3.3. I listen to music everyday while doing homework, chores, and day-to-day activities.

2.4. Organized

2.4.1. Manages time wisely, has a daily schedule of what to do.

2.4.2. Likes to keep things neat and tidy, not messy.

2.4.3. Knows when deadlines are due.


3.1. Confident

3.1.1. Comfortable being myself.

3.1.2. Not letting anyone else bother me for being me.

3.1.3. Loving myself for being the way I am.

3.1.4. Being confident and believing in myself.

3.2. Self- Employed

3.2.1. Being my own boss.

3.2.2. Having my own business/ independent office

3.2.3. Being in charge of myself and others

3.3. Successful

3.3.1. Able to support myself and my family.

3.3.2. Accomplishing my dream and my goals; everything that I wanted to do.

3.3.3. Having the job that I wanted

3.4. Being Happy

3.4.1. Living the way that is healthy and good for me.

3.4.2. Enjoying life

3.4.3. Stress free life