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Assesment by Mind Map: Assesment

1. Project Based Assesment

1.1. Innovative approach on assessing student's projects.

1.2. Project Based Learning

1.3. Students engage in real world projects

1.4. Teacher is a facilitator

2. Student Performance

2.1. Current Knowledge Student Posesses

2.2. Teacher Observations

2.3. State Mandate Testing

3. Portfolio Assesment

3.1. Evaluates student's projects over a period of time.

3.2. Matches assessments with learning goals

3.3. Embedded Assesment

4. Alternative Assesment

4.1. Non - traditional method to determine student's skill level.

4.2. Alternative ways to evaluate students performance to include: Authentic, project based, portfolio, check lists, rating scales, and rubrics.

4.3. Assesment tools determine how well and in what ways they meet curriculum standards and benchmarks.

5. Authentic Assesment

5.1. Formal or Informal

5.2. Open - ended Questions

5.3. Authentic Learning

6. Reliable Assesments

6.1. Accurately estimate students performance

6.2. Permit appropriate generalizations of student's skills and abilities

6.3. Enable teachers to make appropriate decisions