"Thank-you-donors!" Event

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"Thank-you-donors!" Event by Mind Map: "Thank-you-donors!" Event

1. Who

1.1. Individual donors >=5 years

1.2. Mid-level and major donors

1.3. Corporate partners (FR & CRBP)

1.4. Celebrity supporters

2. Why

2.1. Celebrate and thank our donors for all they've done for children in the Philippines

2.2. Recognize our celebrity supporters, elevating ACS and DOP to ambassadors

2.3. Energize and excite our champions on how their continued support will help us reach more children in the next country programme

3. Where

3.1. Option 1: Lub.D, Patrick's hotel

3.2. Option 2: Corporate hotel partners (Marco Polo, Novotel)

4. KPIs - how do measure success?

4.1. Attendance: %age of attendees/invitees

4.2. Follow-up: Number of follow-up meetings with corporate and major donors

4.3. Donor feedback: engagement and support post-event (survey)

5. When

5.1. November

5.2. Weeknight is best, 5-8 PM

6. What

6.1. Lotta welcomes

6.2. Video retrospective, UNICEF across the years, narrated by Gary V

6.3. Live testimonials

6.3.1. Aeta midwife

6.3.2. Separated child soldier

6.3.3. Fahad

6.3.4. Teacher Monica

6.3.5. Streaming from Cotabato

6.4. Ambassadors

6.4.1. Video kwento of ACS and DOP

6.4.2. Lotta speaks and honors them as Ambassadors

6.5. Presentation of tokens to donors- to be done by the Ambassadors

7. How - next steps

7.1. Contract agency for event management - BCD? Joey?

7.2. Assemble PFP taskforce

7.3. Draft timeline