GIR Property Claims

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GIR Property Claims by Mind Map: GIR Property Claims

1. GIR PROPERTY CLAIMS – a team of experienced lawyers with more than 70 years of combined experienced. We are licensed throughout the entire state of Florida and 7 other states. We are handling insurance claims for clients affected by hurricanes, floods, and other losses. Gables Insurance Recovery (GIR) works for you, the policy holder and not the insurance company, assuring that your GIR Miami Public Adjuster will always do what they can to get the maximum settlement to help you get back on track. GIR Property Claims is licensed in the following 8 states to assist with your insurance recovery claims: Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Nevada, Washington & Puerto Rico. CONTACT US Address : 4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite 301 Miami, FL 33146 Fax: 305-662-2150 Toll Free: 877-278-5566 Website : GIR Property Claims - Miami Public Adjuster