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Geography by Mind Map: Geography

1. Literacy

1.1. Language specific to geography

1.1.1. Requires a basic understanding of language

1.2. Interpretation of imagery

1.2.1. Requires visual comprehension skills

1.3. Ability to write reports and label images

1.3.1. A sound base knowledge of literacy

1.4. Engagement with interviews, reports, stories, photographs and maps

1.4.1. Requires a sound understanding of multi-modal devices for communication

2. Numeracy

2.1. grapical analysis

2.1.1. Requires counting and measurement skills

2.2. Construction and interpretation of graphs and table

2.2.1. Involves an understanding of data relationships

2.3. Application of distance and area concepts

2.3.1. Requires an understanding of how and when to apply said concepts

2.4. Construction and interpretation of maps

2.4.1. Displays an understanding of numerical concepts regarding grids

2.5. how disease and infection spreads

2.5.1. understanding of mathematical based spatial concepts

3. References

3.1. Numeracy in the NSW Syllabuses for the Australian curriculum

3.2. Literacy and Numeracy in Geography

3.3. Literacy in Geography