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2011 PHYC 500 Week 2 by Mind Map: 2011 PHYC 500 Week 2
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2011 PHYC 500 Week 2

Choose paper for next week

Put paper(s) in Mendeley

Goals for reading / feedback (reviews)

public mindmap?

1. Read both papers

2. Take notes somehow, interesting things, questions

Want it to be a fun paper(s)...ideas

Lewis 1933 / 1934, disadvantage, not open access

Gillespie 1970s, Not that fun, but important, Probably relevant to Peter's research

Eisen PLoS ONE 2011 4th domain, fascinating, but maybe not good to start with, since neither of us are experts in it, Knowledge of bioinformatics important, though

Molecular biology of the cell, For background biology?, sections available on Pub Med

Home in on Peter's background in biology / biophysics (10 minutes)

Refine Mendeley

Possibly create public AND private group