Blog schema for yodisphere.com. Contains current status one year after its official launch. Also contains goals for 2012 and future directions.

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yodisphere.com by Mind Map: yodisphere.com


1.1. Domain Registration

1.1.1. Annual Renewal via Godaddy

1.1.2. $10 per year @Blogger

1.2. Design

1.2.1. Reader Interactivity Comment System via Intensedebate Contact Page e-mail & social media

1.2.2. Load Time

1.2.3. Over-all Theme Magazine Type Classic Top Page Navigation Spain Template by Ourblogtemplates


2.1. Adsense: 25$

2.2. Blog Contests

2.2.1. Prize received: The Spa Gift Checks

2.3. Nuffnang: <1K

2.4. Affiliate Marketing: no data


3.1. Success Metrics (as of 01.Sept.2011)

3.1.1. Current PR: 3

3.1.2. e-mail Subscribers: >50

3.1.3. RSS Subscribers: 300+

3.1.4. Google Analytics: 300+ visits/day

3.1.5. Alexa Web Stat: >100K

3.1.6. Technorati: no data

3.2. Blog Promotion

3.2.1. Online Google Friend Connect Entrecard Forums Guest Posting Blog Directories

3.2.2. Offline Business Card Giveaways (shirts, mugs) Word of mouth

3.2.3. Social Media Facebook Twitter

3.3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3.3.1. Relationship building Commenting Forum Posting

3.3.2. Link Building

4. IPF

4.1. Issues

4.1.1. Check Technorati's State of the Blogosphere Report for insights

4.2. Present Reality

4.3. Future Direction


5.1. To create an informative blog that readers want to explore, share their dreams, insights and personal experiences.


6.1. Increase traffic & readership by 5% monthly.

6.2. Write at least two quality posts per week.

6.3. Earn $100 by the end of January 2012


7.1. Main Content

7.1.1. Current Personal Development Mobile Phone Photography Inspirational Stories Fun Stuff Commentaries/Opinions Travel Hacking Blogging Review Books Hotels/Resorts Food Establishments

7.1.2. Target Additional Content News & Current Events Instructional How-to Interview/Profiles Q&A's Case Studies

7.2. Focus

7.2.1. Target Audience Bloggers Travel Enthusiasts General Internet Population

7.2.2. Visitor Action Write Comments Subscribe to RSS Feed Subscribe via e-mail Ask Questions

7.3. Management & Updating

7.3.1. Content Creation New Post: every Tuesday & Friday Proofreading Formatting Research

7.3.2. Design/Layout Review/Update widgets