Technology Survival for Educators

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Technology Survival for Educators by Mind Map: Technology Survival for Educators

1. Tech Literacy

1.1. Computer Components

1.1.1. Hardware Screen, mouse, speakers cpu, hard drive

1.1.2. Software Free gmail, google classroom, docs, drive Cloud Computing Open Source Commercial

1.1.3. Additional Equipment Smartphone, tablet, netbook, digital camera, response devices

2. Management Within the Classroom

2.1. Use It and Enhance

2.2. Make it personal

2.3. Maintenance

2.4. Trouble Shooting

3. Professional Productivity

3.1. Managers

3.1.1. Calendars

3.1.2. Address Book

3.1.3. To Do Lists

3.2. Long Term Learning

3.2.1. Workshops

3.2.2. Continuing Ed

3.2.3. Librarian Resource

4. Communication

4.1. google shared documents

4.1.1. Collobroation of colleques

4.2. Communicating with Parents effectively

4.2.1. Blogs, e-mail, newsletters, wikis, school website, phone

5. Research

5.1. Navigating the information jungle

6. Tech Classroom Ideas

6.1. Virtual Field Trips

6.2. Digital Citizenship Curriculums

6.3. Integrating in to classes that are lacking

6.4. Make it personal

7. Safe and Ethical Tech Use

7.1. Acceptable Use Policy

7.1.1. Technology Usage Agreement

7.2. Digital Citizenship Curriculums