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ICT by Mind Map: ICT

1. 4 COMMANDMENTS FOR USING A COMPUTER 1, Do not harm other people using computer 2, Do not access private files 3, You shall not steal 4, Do not use it to bear false witness

2. INFORMATION - It is a Knowledge -Message - Data picture

2.1. COMMUNICATION -Exchange of Information -Symbols/Sign Behavior

2.1.1. TECHNOLOGY -Application of Knowledge for Specific use

3. The meaning of ICT is "Information Communication and Technology"

4. WEB 2.0 Collections of applications and technologies that allows people to find information and communicate with one another online.

4.1. The idea of web 2.0 is the is an Interaction, Collaboration and connectivity

4.2. Example of this is: Podcasting, Blogging, Social networking and etc.

5. WEB 3.0 -The next fundamental change in technology. -Machine talking to machine

5.1. Also known as "SEMANTIC WEB"

6. CONVERGENT TECHNOLOGY -New technologies that takes over past technologies but perform same task but in advanced manner,

7. TIM BERNERS LEE -He created the World Wide Web (WEB) in 1990

8. CYBER CITIZEN -User of technology

9. ONLINE SAFETY -Knowledge of personal safety and security online

10. NETIQUETTE -A network etiwuette the Do's and Don'ts online

11. ONLINE ETHNICS - Standard behaviors; Moral principle the defines good individual.

12. 10 ONLINE SAFETY TIPS 1, Know the scam 2, Think before you click 3, Safety peruse 4, Shop safety 5, Kick-Butt Passwords 6. Protect your personal info. 7, Watch wi-fi connectivity 8, Install a firewall 9, Keep up to date 10, Use your noggin

13. 10 RULES OF NETIQUETTE 1, The golden rule 2, No flaming 3, Don't type in all caps 4, Don't spam 5, Don't talk with people you don't know 6, Obey copyright laws 7, Use proper grammar and spelling 8, Be honest / Be yourself 9, Follow the T.O.S 10, Shop Secure sites.

14. SEACH ENGINES -Is a software system designed to search internet for information

15. TYPES OF ENGINES 1, Crawler - Based search engine 2, Directories 3, Hybrid search engine 4, Meta search engines