Information Communication Technology

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Information Communication Technology by Mind Map: Information Communication Technology

1. Knowledge of personal safety and security online

1.1. Online Safety

2. Software system designed to search the interet for information

2.1. Search Engine

3. A Network Etiquette the do's and don'ts online.

3.1. Netiquette

4. Standard behaviors: Moral Pronicple that defnes good for individuals

4.1. Online Ethics

5. 4 Commandments for using a Computer

5.1. Do not Access Private Files

5.2. You Shall not Steal

5.3. Do not use it to bear fals witness

5.4. Do not harm other people using computer

6. The next fundamental change in technology machine talking to machine. The Rise of Artificial Machine

6.1. The Web 3.0

7. Where people interact, collaborate, and connect. Collections of Applications and Technologies that allows people to find infomation.

7.1. The Web 2.0

8. The History of Internet int the Philippines

8.1. 1896

8.1.1. The First Bulletin Board System in the Philippines arived at August 1896.

8.2. 1989

8.2.1. Emc And Unix to Unix Protocol.

8.3. 1990

8.3.1. The firs Philippines Webstie

8.4. 1991-1993

8.4.1. Email Gateway Roberto Bersolas (For NGO only) X.25 WAN ( Wireless Are Network) PHILNET

8.5. 1994

8.5.1. The internet in the philippines is successfully supported at exact 1:15 am By the help of Benjie Tan. PLDT-> Sprint

8.6. 1995

8.6.1. The RA7925 Public Telecommunication Act.

8.7. 1997

8.7.1. As of 1997 the inetnet users is already at 85,000.

8.8. 2000

8.8.1. Connel De Guzman Accidentaly Spread the virus Called " I Love You" Virus.

8.9. 2012

8.9.1. The Very First LTE in The Philippines is SMART LTE With the Speed of 42 MBPS.

8.10. 2016

8.10.1. As Of 2016 the internet users is already at 54 million users and 52.6% population.

9. ICT is a set of Technological tools that is used to communicate and to create and to disseminate and to store and to manage information.

10. Information is where we can find Knowledge and where we can find Information in the use of Internet or Devices that can give information to us.

11. Communication is where we Exchange information to each other or give something and receive something of the same kind in return.

12. Technology is where we can find our applications like word processors, database programs, Web browsers, development tools, drawing, paint, image editing programs, and communication programs and Gadgets where we use today is an example of Technology.

13. In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee Created the World Wide Web

14. 10 Online Safety Tips

14.1. Use your noggin

14.2. Keep Up to date

14.3. Install a Firewall

14.4. Watch Wifi connectivity

14.5. Protect Your Personal Info

14.6. Kick-Butt Passwords

14.7. Shop Safely

14.8. Safety Pursue

14.9. Think before you click

14.10. Know the Scams

15. SERP Search Engine Result Page

16. 10 Rules of Netiquette

16.1. The Golden Rule

16.2. Don't type in all caps

16.3. Don't Spam

16.4. Don't Talk with people you don't know

16.5. Obey the Copyright laws

16.6. Use Proper Grammar And Spelling

16.7. Be Honest Be Yourself

16.8. Follow the T.O.S

16.9. Ship Secure Sites

17. Types of Search Engines

17.1. Crawler- Based Serch Engine.

17.2. Directories

17.3. Hybrid Search Engine

17.4. Meta Search Engines