Tax-efficient remuneration package

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Tax-efficient remuneration package by Mind Map: Tax-efficient remuneration package

1. Share schemes

1.1. Share incentive plans

1.2. Enterprise management incentives

1.3. Company share option schemes

1.4. Save as you earn share option schemes

2. Salary sacrifice and optional remuneration arrangements

2.1. When the rules apply

2.2. How the rules work

2.3. Exempt benefit

2.4. Transitional rules

2.5. Excluded exemptions

2.6. Special case exemptions

3. Company cars

3.1. Charge to tax

3.2. By reason of their employement

3.3. Available for private use

3.4. Pool cars

3.5. Calculating the car benefit

3.6. Price

3.7. Accessories

3.8. Capital contribution

3.9. Appropriate percentatge

3.10. Reduction in car benefit

4. Fuel benefit for company cars

5. Cash allowance or company car

6. Mileage allowance payments

7. Company vans