Lawrence Chen

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Lawrence Chen by Mind Map: Lawrence Chen

1. Past

1.1. Background

1.1.1. From GuangZhou, China

1.1.2. a 17-year-old boy with 180cm tall

1.2. education

1.2.1. 13-year education in China

1.2.2. 6-year of swimming training qualified amateur swimmer

1.3. interests

1.3.1. Popping Dance experience of perfoming on the stage

1.3.2. photography

1.3.3. cooking

1.4. Trevel

1.4.1. I have been to 6 country and more than 10 domestic cities in China

1.4.2. I like travel because it can brings me a fresh view about the world.

2. present

2.1. Basketball

2.1.1. This is a only sport that can drive me enthusiastic

2.1.2. My favourite player is James Harden

2.1.3. I enjoy play basketball with my friends after school

2.2. Business study

2.2.1. accounting study this year It helo me form the logical mind I can't wait to study 3 more business courses i have signed next year.

2.2.2. my dream is to run my own company

2.3. Obliging

2.3.1. I am pleased to help my classmates with their science assignment

2.3.2. volunteer in successful program

2.4. English study

2.4.1. keep working and propressing Finish one book per two weeks one journal per day

2.4.2. I hope to meet more local friends as a international students

3. Future

3.1. Canada or China

3.1.1. I think i will work on two places

3.1.2. I hope I can countribute to these two countryies in the future

3.2. Aspiration

3.2.1. I aspire to be a business man to work on internation trade.

3.2.2. I plan to have at least 3 year working experience in other company as a accountant.

3.3. Driving

3.3.1. Being able to drive is the goal for my next year

3.3.2. It is a important skill for my future

3.4. UBC

3.4.1. the toppest school in my heart

3.4.2. Sauder, school of business A extradionary place for business study I would work as hard as possibel to get to this awesome school