Design & Technical Plan

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Design & Technical Plan by Mind Map: Design & Technical Plan

1. Kin After care/support

1.1. Smoke Testing

1.1.1. UAT testing Log CR and Bugs in VSTS Prioritize from PO

1.2. Create Feedback collection mechanism for UAT

1.3. UAT Test Case Preparation

1.4. Determine MVP testing period duration

1.5. Onboard Pilots- Knowledge transfer to pilots showing them how and where their content will go.

1.6. SLA of solving issues

1.7. System/Process of raising tickets/collating feedback from end users

2. Knowledge Transfer to Philips

2.1. Creation/Storing artifacts for reference for future teams

2.2. Create Roadmap documentation

2.3. Acceptance Criteria??

3. Deliver final artifacts (Lists, CT, Taxonomy, Detailed Design etc)

4. Design

4.1. Transfer design documents to Philips SP Team site

4.2. Transfer Trello board history to VSTS

4.3. Export Invision details

4.4. Make sure Invisison and Trello remain alive and accessible to Philips

5. Set up UAT and PRD site collections


6.1. Current Portals

6.1.1. Trello

6.1.2. VSTS

6.1.3. MS Teams

6.1.4. Slack

6.1.5. Invision

6.1.6. Emails

6.2. Risk with current way of Document Sharing

6.2.1. 1. Not sure if anyone has any track of all documents going around. Where do I go if I want to see a doc? 2. Once external parties leave, how to make sure nothing is missed out to be shared that we might want later? 3. Design stuff(Trello, Invision) not in house in Philips. Dependency on external tooling, once Idean leaves. 4. Everyone using google drive, dropbox needs to be aware that they need to move stuff before end of August to Sharepoint team site in specific structure and need to be prepared. 5. More Time/Effort required later on to sought it out once external parties leave. Not full proof solution.

7. WOW

7.1. DEV WoW

7.1.1.[email protected]&

7.2. General WOW


8. Test Tenant in Philips for development

9. Content MIGRATION