Islamic Investment

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Islamic Investment by Mind Map: Islamic Investment

1. Permulaan dalam interaksinya

1.1. Penghasilan harta sebagai satu asas permulaan seseorang dalam interaksinya dengan harta.

1.2. An asset or goods purchased with the hope that it will be generate income in the future.

1.3. unique form of socially responsible investments because Islam makes no division between the spiritual and the secular.

2. 5.Solution and opinion

3. 4.Name of Products

4. 2.Definition

5. 3.Issues and challenges

6. 1.Concepts

6.1. Risk sharing / profit sharing / lost sharing

6.1.1. each member will bear the risk in the ratio

6.1.2. Profits earned is divided based on the agreement

6.1.3. investors will bear the loss together

6.2. Time value of money Islamically interpreted

6.2.1. Money is treated as potential capital

6.2.2. It becomes actual capital only when its join another resouces

6.2.3. Islam regonizes the time value of money Gold Silver

6.3. Prohibition of speculation

6.3.1. The practices to making investment or going into business that involves risk

6.3.2. Speculation involving gambling and excessive risk can cause it to fall into a forbidden Fraudulent transaction Transaction of riba Corrupt transactions Transactions in exploitation and monopoly Property taken without the owner permission Gambling transaction

6.4. Sancity of contracts

6.4.1. Investment in Islamic The concept of reward and sin has been empharised in contracts to convetional direct investment system not to ignore

6.4.2. The existence and implementation of the investment system is relegious obligation that must be implemented

6.5. Shariah approved activities

6.5.1. Investment fund a permissible by shariah fund are a form of collective investment that continue throughout their term

6.6. Prohibition of riba, gharar and maisir

6.6.1. Contract in Islamic investment is muamalat system that based on Islamic faith and obedience to God

6.6.2. RIBA- means is Al- ziyadah (additional) Riba al-qurudh occurs through debt or loans Riba Buyu occurs in the trading ribawi product Riba Nasiah that happen when payment of price and delivery of the ribawi materials are made at two different times and not immediate. Riba Fadhl happen when the ribawi materials being exchanged are different weight, measurement or numbers.

6.6.3. GHARAR- means ambiguity or uncertainty Gharar Fahish- selling fish which are still in the river Gharar Yasir - sell a house with no furniture in any detailed or purchase furniture that is not clear. Gharar Mutawassit- gharar which is between gharar yasir and ghara fahish

6.6.4. MAISIR- gambling means activity that involves betting.

7. 6. Types of products

7.1. 1. PROPERTY - Likes to look at properties and might even do this unconsciously. Also looks at the finishing, distance to amenities (schools, petrol stations, banks, grocery shops etc) and linkages to public transport and major highways.

7.2. 2. UNIT TRUST - Prefer someone else/ another company to handle their money on their behalf. May or not know how the money is being invested , but ultimately don't care as long as the average profit is alright.

7.2.1. 3. FIXED DEPOSIT - Likes surety, prefers small profit over no profit. Compares rates from banks and takes advantage of special offers. - May use it as a way to lock their savings somewhere they can't touch it.