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Our Australia by Mind Map: Our Australia

1. - Understating/tolerance/inclusion - Care and compassion - Respect

2. Stage

2.1. Stage 3

3. Community Based Project

4. Values

4.1. Core

4.2. Global Value

5. Global Education Perspective

5.1. Identity and Cultural Diversity

6. General Capabilities

6.1. Literacy

6.2. Information and Communication Technolgy

6.3. Intercultural Understanding

6.4. Critical and Creative Thinking

7. NSW Cross Curricular Priority

7.1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

8. Integrated KLA's

9. Community Assets

10. School Context

10.1. Kempsey West Public School, West Kempsey, NSW

11. Kempsey West Public School is the largest in its area. With 380 enrolments the school provides innovation education that heavily links to cultural understanding.

12. - The school is host to experienced, highly qualified and dedicated staff - Diverse and successful educational programs - Well resourced library - Access to class iPads - Helpful and knowledgable community members

13. Students will learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories in their community and that of further Australia. Through community assets students will develop knowledge that will build their understanding and compassion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their histories. This will help the students to be able to create a community art project as a part of the NSW Reconciliation Challenge. - Indigenous community members will participate in the unit of work by providing their knowledge for the students learning - Indigenous resources such as texts will be used - Informative videos such as those from BTN will be used as a resource for information

14. - English - Geography - History

15. A positive attitude towards diversity and difference