Present Day Jacob Kaminski

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Present Day Jacob Kaminski by Mind Map: Present Day Jacob Kaminski

1. Present Day Skills

1.1. Good with Numbers and Calculations

1.2. Excellent Problem Solver

1.3. Plans Everything (Organised)

1.4. Visual Learner

1.5. Handy (Can Work With Hands)

1.6. Creative

1.7. Mostly Assertive Speaker

1.8. Respectful of Others

2. Essential Workplace Skills

2.1. Reading - Am able to read and understand written material/documents

2.2. Numeracy - Can use numbers in different subjects and solve advanced mathematical and scientific equations

2.3. Oral Communication - Am able to talk and listen to others to achieve certain goals such as solving problems and exchanging information

2.4. Writing - Am able to write proper sentences in a variety of styles, with advanced structure and high vocabulary

2.5. Working with Others - Am able to work with another person to achieve tasks. Is difficult until I am familiar with that person.

2.6. Document Use - Am able to understand meanings behind symbols, words and numbers very confidently. I can also interpret graphs and charts with high understanding.

2.7. Thinking - Am able to evaluate ides and concepts very well and with ease.

2.8. Computer Use - Am able to use a computer to achieve tasks and make devices work.

2.9. Continuous Learning - Naturally am willing to continue learning and expanding my knowledge and skills in all subjects and topics.

3. Goals to Become an Accountant

3.1. Finish High School with a 90% average

3.2. Graduate High School

3.3. Go To University

3.4. Graduate University

3.5. Take CPA Courses

3.6. Get the CPA

3.7. Take MBA Courses

3.8. Get MBA

4. Opportunities That Will Help Me Become An Accountant

4.1. Learn from A Pro - My Father and my Uncle are Accountants

4.2. Accounting and Business Courses are Offered at my High School

4.3. Most Universities and Colleges in Canada and the USA offer Accounting and Business Degrees

4.4. Accountants with CPA and MBA titles are in demand an are few

5. Plans to Achieve my Goals

5.1. Study for an extra hour a day (After homework and assignment work)

5.2. Start Learning and becoming more familiar with accounting and business by asking my father and/or uncle

5.3. Take accounting and business courses in highschool

6. Interests

6.1. Mathematics

6.2. Cooking

6.3. Sports

6.3.1. Football

6.3.2. Basketball

6.4. Science

6.4.1. Physics

6.4.2. Chemistry

6.4.3. Space

6.4.4. Biology

6.5. Trades

6.5.1. Woodwork

6.5.2. Building Things

7. Jobs That Match My Interests

7.1. Mathematics

7.1.1. Mathematician

7.1.2. Math Teacher/ Professor

7.1.3. Accountant

7.1.4. Economist

7.2. Cooking

7.2.1. Chef

7.3. Sports

7.3.1. Professional Athlete

7.3.2. Personal Trainer

7.3.3. Sports Training Specialist

7.4. Science

7.4.1. Chemist

7.4.2. Physicist

7.4.3. Aerospace Engineer

7.4.4. Astronaut

7.4.5. Lab Researcher

7.4.6. Science Teacher/ Professor

7.5. Trades

7.5.1. Woodworker

7.5.2. Contractor

7.5.3. Construction Worker

7.6. What I Want To Become - A SUCCESSFUL Accountant

7.6.1. What Is Required? College or University Degree CPA Courses MBA title Any additional certifications (not required)

8. Why Do I think I Want To Become An Accountant?

8.1. Won the Business Award in Elementary School

8.2. Am Interested in all things Business and Accounting

8.3. I am great with numbers

8.4. Posses all the essential skills which are important to have and be good at, to be a successful accountants

8.5. Mostly Independent - Something I am

9. What Will The Essential Skills Be Needed For In The Future As An Accountant

9.1. Writing - Being able to send paperwork to agencies and important letters to clients

9.2. Reading - Being able to process letters from clients and agencies. Also to understand a client's paperwork through reading

9.3. Computer Use - Being able to record client information and data on accounting soft wares online

9.4. Working with Others - Working with a potential partner to dissect a client's financial status. Also, working with clients and understanding them and their purpose of coming to work with you

9.5. Numeracy - To use and understand numerical patterns and equations. Also to add, subtract, multiply and divide a client's revenue to find out their salary and taxes owed.

9.6. Oral Communication - Being able to talk and listen to a client or business partner to achieve many tasks.

9.7. Document Use - Being able to understand and complete documents of clients and their revenues and taxes. Also, being able to understand and interpret graphs and charts of clients and businesses.

9.8. Thinking - Being able to evaluate a client's overall status before performing calculations. to give advice.

9.9. Continuous Learning- To continue becoming a better accountant and learning newer ways of doing taxes,etc.

9.10. These skills are all crucial to having a job not only in accounting as being very good at all of these skills makes one a great worker to be a round and work with as a client. Also, they allow the worker to be successful at their job.