Introduce to Programing Language

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Introduce to Programing Language by Mind Map: Introduce to Programing Language

1. Life Cycle of a Software Project and Programming

1.1. 1)Planning

1.2. 2)Analysis

1.3. 3)Design

1.4. 4)Impletation

1.5. 5)Testing & Intregation

1.6. 6)Maintance

2. Generation of Programming Language

2.1. Low Level Language

2.1.1. First Generation

2.1.2. Second Generation

2.2. High Level Language

2.2.1. Third Generation

2.2.2. Fourth Generation

2.2.3. Fifth Generation

3. Fundamentals of Programming Languages

3.1. Programming Language is an artificial language design to communicate instruction to the computer.

4. Standard and Best Practices

4.1. Do

4.1.1. Backup and save your work often

4.1.2. Write comments and documentation

4.1.3. Use helper methods

4.2. Don't

4.2.1. Hung Up on Choosing a Language

4.2.2. Writing Code Without Planning

4.2.3. Underestimating the Importance of Code Quality