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Audience Conclusion by Mind Map: Audience Conclusion
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Audience Conclusion

For all of the trailers, magazines and posters; the social class remains the same throughout them all. We know this because, they are all appealing to a variety of social class. Therefore this means many people for different social classes would go and see this genre.

Insidious Poster

After completing the audience research we have come to the conclusion that our target audience is between ages fifteen and twenty four.

Also from our audience research we can see that males would be a greater audience than females. This is because males are more likely to be involved in gore, crime and horrific scenes.

Over all we would say that our trailer would be aimed at at least 75% of men and 25% of women.

However, after looking at audience research for our magazine cover (Total Film Magazine) - We have found the audience for this very much different.

The magazine cover is more equal between both genders, all the same it has a wider age group. We would agree that it would be equally split between males and females - this means 50% of woman would read Total Film Covers & 50% of men would read Total Film Covers too.

There is a wider age gap for Total Film Magazine, as they are trying to appeal to a wider range of age groups. This means more people would be interested in buying Total Film Magazine, so this would raise their profits also.

I See You -

Insidious Trailer -