Having a child

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Having a child by Mind Map: Having a child

1. School fees

1.1. Saving

1.2. Taking a loan

1.3. Using income

1.4. Trusts

1.5. Payment of fees in advance

1.6. Scholarships and bursaries

2. Childcare

2.1. Tax-free childcare

2.2. 30 hours free childcare

2.3. Childcare vouchers and employer-provided childcare

2.4. Universal credit and tax credits

3. Advising the client

4. Tax on income of children

5. Trusts for children

5.1. Reasons for using a trust

5.2. Income tax implications of UK trusts

5.3. Capital gains tax implications of UK trusts

5.4. Non-business asset gift relief

5.5. Trusts and IHT charges

6. Capital gains tax for children

7. Inheritance tax on gifts to children

8. Will planning

9. University fees

9.1. Student loans

9.2. Employer funding of university courses

10. Junior ISA

11. Pensions

12. Child benefit

12.1. Claiming child benefit (rates and how to claim)

12.2. Income tax charge for high earners (the high income child benefit charge (HICBC))

12.3. Electing not to receive child benefit

13. Maternity pay