Reasons on why Andy failed to excel in Science

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Reasons on why Andy failed to excel in Science by Mind Map: Reasons on why Andy failed to excel in Science

1. Family

1.1. His parents are not very educated so no one is able to coach him.

2. Andy

2.1. Lack of self confident

2.2. Do not know where to get help

2.3. Not enough discipline to resist TV

2.4. Do not know strategies to study smart

2.5. Learned helplessness

3. Teacher

3.1. Biased and unfair

3.2. Bad teaching pedagogy

3.2.1. Did not understanding the student's learning style

3.2.2. No tuning in to settle the children

3.2.3. Unstructured lessons

3.2.4. No activities for engaged learning

3.2.5. Did not create conducive classroom environment

3.2.6. Teacher was new

3.3. Focus on performance rather than mastery

3.4. Unapproachable and unfriendly

3.4.1. Tone and communication was bad

3.5. Failed to resolve conflicts among students properly

3.6. Was negative and creates competition among students

3.7. Humilated Andy in front of the class

4. Friends

4.1. Ahmad

4.1.1. Tempted Andy to play

4.1.2. Gave wrong advice to Andy

4.1.3. Did not share with Andy the methods to study

4.2. Bee Chu

4.2.1. Boastful

4.2.2. Cannot work well with Andy

4.2.3. Teacher's pet

4.2.4. Likes to dig at Andy

4.2.5. Deems that Andy will not do well