Absolute Monarchs

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Absolute Monarchs by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs

1. Spanish monarchy

1.1. The monarchy in Spain has its roots in the Visigoths Kingdom and its Christian successor states of Navarre, Asturias and Aragon, which fought the Reconquest or Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula following the Omayyad invasion of Hispaniola in the 8th century.

1.2. In September 1873 the First Spanish Republic was founded

2. Prussian monarchy

2.1. The monarchs of Prussia were members of the House of Hohenzollern who were the hereditary rulers of the former German state of Prussia from its founding in 1525 as the Duchy of Prussia.

2.2. the first Albrecht von Preussen, 17 May 1490 – 20 March 1568

3. french monarchy

3.1. Ruled from the start of the Frankish Kingdom in 486 to 1870.

3.2. During most of its history, France was ruled by kings. Four Carolingian monarchs were also Roman Emperors and the Bonaparte were Emperors of the French.

4. England monarchy

4.1. The Kingdom of England begins with Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, one of the petty kingdoms to rule a portion of modern England

5. Louis XIV of France

5.1. born in September, 5 in 1538

5.2. known as Louis the Greator the Sun King

5.3. was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who reigned as King of France from 1643 until his death in 1715.

6. Maria Teresa

6.1. born in Vienna, Austria on may 13 in 1717

6.2. she was the asserted her right to the throne when her father, Charles VI, died.

6.3. she become a queen in 1740 to 1780