Software Applications

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Software Applications by Mind Map: Software Applications

1. Web Tools

1.1. Twitter

1.1.1. Social Networking platform where people post using 160 characters to share information. It is great to post information to a mass population. I would use a general announcements to the community.

1.2. Dropbox

1.2.1. Is a cloud storage website where documents can be uploaded. I would use to organize my day to day and year to year documents.

1.3. Prezi

1.3.1. Awesome website for interactive presentations. For orientations and big group presentations I would use Prezi to keep the audience engaged.

1.4. WordPress

1.4.1. A blogging website where people can share their thoughts. I would use to document a team's season. Players could post to it as well as fans.

1.5. Google Docs

1.5.1. Another collaboration platform that is easy to share documents. Can be used as a cloud storage as well. I use this as a collaboration platform that is a continuous working document.

1.6. Poll Everywhere

1.6.1. A website fantastic for making polls. I would use when deciding event themes, fan theme night, sports interest, and community interest.

1.7. Flickr

1.7.1. A website dedicated to sharing photos and videos. This is an awesome tool that I would use to share pictures of a team season, off season, and pre season.

1.8. Evernote

1.8.1. Is a multi-use website that can be used for data storage or data sharing. I need to look into this site, because I think it could be better resource for information with the bookmarking concept.

1.9. Pintrest

1.9.1. If a creative idea has been thought of, you can find it on Pintrest. This site is a great source to find innovative ideas. I would use Pintrest to think find ways our school could use old equipment or unused items in our district.

2. Storage/Collaboration

2.1. Dropbox

2.2. Pintrest

2.3. Google Docs

2.4. Evernote

3. Social/Networking

3.1. Pintrest

3.2. Twitter

3.3. Flickr

3.4. WordPress

4. Polling

4.1. Poll Everywhere

4.2. Twitter

4.3. Evernote

5. Mobile Apps

5.1. TeamSnap

5.1.1. A team management program that is ideal for managing a team with scheduling, rosters, and interaction. I would use to communicate efficiently to parents and players.

5.2. Hudl

5.2.1. A video analysis tool that allows coaches to break down film of their teams. Can always be used as a messaging platform to communicate to players. Coaches would use this to help in the development of players and team as well as communicating.

5.3. GameChanger

5.3.1. An application that is a scorebook, statistics, schedules, rosters and other information for baseball, softball and basketball teams. Fans can follow along for a small fee. I would use as a tool to get information out to fans and build our community following.

5.4. Coach's Eye

5.4.1. A video analysis tool that allows coaches to break down film of their teams. Coaches would use this to help in the development of players and team.

5.5. ArmyGo Edge

5.5.1. Software that allows a visual game like representation of a playbook. This is a must use tool for football and soccer teams to help players learn scheme.

5.6. iScore

5.6.1. Very similar to GameChanger as a statistical application making it easy to keep stats. I would use for documentation of stats throughout season.s

5.7. Ubersense

5.7.1. A video breakdown software that seems to be paring up with Hudl to help each others platform. I would use for film and breakdown of that.

5.8. WeatherBug

5.8.1. Universal application that is easy to search the weather in that area. I would use everyday to check weather for practice and games. Can also be used to monitor storms.

5.9. SportsLogic

5.9.1. App that provides all the tools needed to manage a team. Has a calendar, roster, standings, and can be used for communication. Another great app to use for coaches to organize all information for players, parents, and fans.

5.10. Train Heroic

5.10.1. Strength and conditioning application that can improve the athleticism and power in student athletes. Great for a reference of workouts to compare. Would use for athletes to use on spare time if not at school facilities.

6. Sport based apps/Coaching Tools

6.1. Hudl

6.2. TeamSnap

6.3. Coach's Eye

6.4. Ubersense

6.5. ArmyGo Edge

6.6. SportsLogic

6.7. Ubersense

7. Training Apps

7.1. Train Heroic

7.2. Hudl

7.3. ArmyGo Edge

7.4. Coach's Eye

8. Information

8.1. WeathBug

8.2. Train Heroic

8.3. SportsLogic

9. Score Keeping

9.1. GameChanger

9.2. iScore

9.3. Hudl