How to encourage pupils to participate?

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How to encourage pupils to participate? by Mind Map: How to encourage pupils to participate?

1. promotes active learning

1.1. by using 3D materials, student can relate it with the real world experiences. so, they will be more interested and actively participate

1.2. for example, when the pupils want to learn about animals, the teacher will bring the animal toys to the class. instead of giving them the picture to see, they can use their senses to learn more about the animals.

2. Incorporate various tools of learning

2.1. The teacher can incorporate a lot of media into the teaching and learning lesson like technology and multimedia

2.2. For example, when the teacher wants to teach about animals, they can insert the videos and audios elements while incorporating the 3D media to make the learning more meaningful.

3. Heterogenous Group

3.1. the teacher can use 3D jigsaw puzzle to teach the pupils. When they are in a group, they will collaborate with each other. Indirectly, this activity will make them participate actively.