Because We Should

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Because We Should by Mind Map: Because We Should

1. Other Reference Material

1.1. Doing Good Well. MacAskill, William (Heard on EconTalk, 9/7/15)

1.2. Social and Behavioral Science Team Annual Report.

1.3. Bourne, Randolph. Essay: "Trans-national America." Referenced in the Epilogue of: McCarter, Jeremy, "Young Radicals: In the War for American Ideals" c2017. Referenced as an intellectual underpinning of a successful diverse society. [TCG 12/9/2017]

2. Charity Effectiveness

2.1. Center for Effective Philanthropy. Buchannen, Phil. Objects to Pallota approach.

2.2. Run Charities Like a Business

2.2.1. Source: Pallotta, Dan. Charity Defense Council. Author of Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up for Itself and Really Change the World. Interviewed by Tan, Angelica. Kiplinger's Personal Finance, 1/2013

2.2.2. Focus on short-term, immediate return stifles innovation

2.2.3. Philosophical resistance to give freedoms like those given to business

2.2.4. Licensing Terms and Conditions Agreement, Clean the World, (CLS - 5/21/17) Benefit Corporation, Ohio doesn't recognize

2.3. "Faction Analysis" coined by Gates Foundation. Identify opponents of an issue.

2.4. Non-Profit Research/Leading Practices

2.4.1. Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA):

2.5. Non-Profit Evaluations

2.5.1. Charity Navigator:

2.5.2. GuideStar:

2.5.3. Urban Institute National Center of Charitable Statistics:

2.5.4. BBB Wise Giving Aliiance:

2.5.5. American Institute of Philanthropy Charity Watch:

2.5.6. GiveWell:

2.5.7. Great Nonprofits:

2.5.8. Charity Watch,, (CLW, 5/24/17)

2.6. Terms and Conditions

2.6.1. I like the way these are presented: [TCG 12/21/17]

3. Identification & Inventory

3.1. "Ideological Land Mines" - Bill Gates Quote

3.1.1. Science Education - Evolution, Global Warming

3.1.2. History Education - Slavery

3.1.3. Abortion access [TCG 3/23/18] Freedom of Choice vs. Protection of Life [TCG 3/23/18] Access leading to substantial reduction in poverty and crime [TCG 3/23/18] Unwillingness of "Pro-life" supporters to continue ideological support post-birth [TCG 3/23/18]

3.2. ID/Inventory Process

3.2.1. Devin Fidler <> heads the Workable Futures Initiative at the Institute for the Future <>, an independent, non-profit research organization based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

3.2.2. Likelihood/Importance. Superforecasting book.

3.2.3. Issues Economists agree on -- SuperFreakonomics podcast on topic (2014?). EconTalk PodCast - Is Economics and Science podcast (late 2015). Univ of Chicago Economist Panel Planet Money Podcast on what candidates have proposed:

3.2.4. Ohio Organizing Collaborative (mentioned in CURE article, 1/6/2016)

3.2.5. 2009 State of the World By the Millennium Project

3.2.6. Superforecasters informing Public Debate (Mentioned on EconTalk podcast)

3.2.7. Organization: In Our Back Yard, Citizen Philanthropy. Cleveland Plain Dealier, 3/27/2016, pA4.

3.2.8. Socially Good Professions List (Tim's) Attornies (some) Journalists (some) School Teachers (most) Social Workers (most) Librarians - Public/Academic (most) Nurses (most) Physicians (some)

3.2.9. Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative. Rosabeth Moss Kanter

3.2.10. No Labels Non-Partison Problem Solving List:

3.2.11. Nonprofit Sources Databases National Center for Charitable Statistics. www:// GuideStar. Charity Navigator, (CLS - 5/20/17) ARNOVA, (CLS - 5/20/17) Not-For-Profit Email Databases, (CLS - 5/20/17) IRS Exempt Organization database, (CLS - 5/20/17) Defunct non-profit tracking organization: Started by Chris Hughes (wealthy benefector, original FaceBook employee). Sold to GOOD maganize. [TCG 3/25/18] Rating Sites BBB Wise Giving Alliance ( CharityWatch ( Philanthorpedia ( Owned by Guidestar)

3.3. Solutions

3.3.1. Local Businesses/NonProfits

3.3.2. Cooperatives

3.3.3. Land Trusts

3.3.4. Food Hubs

3.3.5. Urban Farms

3.3.6. Local/Community. Source: van Gelder, Saray. Yes! "What Beltway Politicians Didn't'see COming" Summer 2016, p. 64

3.3.7. Learning/Education Center for Computational Thinking, Carnegie Mellon

3.3.8. Economic Governance of shared property. Work by Ostrom, Elinor Institude for New Economic Thinking

3.3.9. Government Advisory Boards

4. Activist Activities

4.1. Book: Jaffe, Sarah, Necessary Trouble: American in Revolt. 2016

4.1.1. Tea Party

4.1.2. Occupy Wall Street

4.1.3. Fight for $15

4.1.4. Black Lives Matter

5. Infrastructure improvement link to higher employment

6. Homelessness link

7. Political Resources

7.1. Lee, Mike. Articulate, libertarianish, seemingly independant-ish but very Republican mormon lawyer from Utah. [TCG 1/2/2018]

7.2. Rowland, Ann. Assistant U.S. Attorney that lives in the area. [7/5/2018] More info: The Plain Daeler, Metro section, 1/17/2018

8. Multi-issue Organizations/Initiatives

8.1. New America - A "Think and Action Tank "and "Civic Enterprise" [TCG UpD 4/5/2018]

8.2. Mozzilla - Non-profit creator of FireFox WebBrowser, and neato podcast: IRL: Online Life is Real Life. [TCG 11/1/2017]

8.3. Congressional Research Service - viewed positively by most journalists as bipartisan and neutral; individuals policiticians opinions vary depending on whether research supports or refutes the politician's position

8.4. Non-Profit Publishers, e.g. Red Hen Press. [TCG 4/13/2018]

8.5. Upturn, focussed on "technology and social justice" [TCG 4/10/208]

8.6. N.Y.U. Institute for Policy Integrity, [TCG 5/30/18]

8.7. CECP (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy) - An organization of CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies examining how companies can adjust their "social strategy" to help address world problems. Murray, Alan. "When Staying Silent is No Longer and Option" TIME, 3/12/2018 [TCG 7/2/2018]

8.8. ^BI The United Way of Greater Cleveland is a nonprofit organization that workes with 100+ local programs concerning poverty, health, and education. The Plain Dealer, 12/29/2017 [7/10/2018]

9. Guiding Principles

9.1. Consider the incentvies and conflicts-of-interest of all involved in a decision (See quotes for cleverness) [TCG 1/2/2018]

9.1.1. "Don't ask a barber if you need a haircut" 1972 Daniel S. Greenberg, "Don't Ask the Barber Whether You Need a Haircut," Saturday Review: Science 55, no. 48 (Dec.) 58 (the article is subtitled "Greenberg's First Law of Expertise")

9.1.2. "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." Upton Sinclair

9.2. Exhibit "Cultural Dexterity" as defined by Sheryll Cashin: [TCG 1/2/2018]

9.3. Encourage Spontaneous Order [TCG 1/2/2018]

9.4. Leverage organizational biomimicry. Original author on topic: Benyus, Janine M. [TCG 1/3/2018]

9.5. Include diversity in contributors [TCG 1/3/2018]

9.5.1. Age

9.5.2. Sex

9.5.3. Affectional preference

9.5.4. Race

9.5.5. Cognitive/behavioral

9.5.6. Economic

9.5.7. Political (to the extent that it does not preven operational consensus)

9.6. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. [TCG 3/20/18]

9.7. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis "We can have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in tbe hands of a few, but we can't have both."

10. Potential Programs

10.1. Lifetime support

10.1.1. At each microstage of a person's life, what societal support is offered.

10.2. Perfect World

10.2.1. What if everything goes exactly as planned; what is the destination?

10.3. We Agree

10.3.1. Maximum Aggregate Idealogical Overlap across all policy-making public officials

10.4. I Got This

10.4.1. For issues for which there is general agreement, establish accountability for identifiation of ALL interested parties addressing those issues

10.4.2. Identify the smallest measurable sudivision and ensure accountability

10.5. LAB - Laboratories of Advanced Bureaucracy

10.5.1. States have been called Laboratories of Democracy. -- Methodically record these "experiments" and results

11. Unsorted/Potential Topics

11.1. Undocumented Immigrants

11.2. Temp agencies and outsourceing, pp307-310

11.2.1. Profliferated beginning in 1990's and beyond. Cornell's Stewart Schwab: contingent workforce buffers core workers from "vagaries of the market" -- temp workers expect to lose their jobs

11.2.2. 2/3 employee wanted regular job. Temps made less per hour, usually no sick/vacation pay, no insurance or retirement, less training and used by employers in union negotiations.

11.2.3. Kathleen Christensen of Sloan Foundation: "2nd class citizens in most corporations."

11.2.4. Outsourced staff were generally non-unionized and paid less. Outsource companies often employed temps (full circle)

11.3. Non-U.S.

11.3.1. Foreign Relations

11.3.2. Police Actions/War

12. Map Rules.

12.1. When new info is entered, enter initials and date, then "Fill" color: Tim - Yellow, Christine - Blue (like this box)

12.1.1. IF the box is a heading [Usually just a few words, with attached sub-topics], then remove data if one was entered, otherwise DO NOT remove date so we can determine in the when the content was added

12.1.2. If sub-topics are from a source, sub-topics describing the content of the source need not have dates asspciated with each sub-topic

12.2. When box as been reviewed, remove fill color [TCG 4/5/18]

12.2.1. IF content is changed, then

12.3. Definitions/Synonyms

12.3.1. Youth = K-12

13. Issues

13.1. Acts of God (not the good kind)

13.1.1. West Coast Earthquake

13.1.2. Space Object Catastrophic Impact

13.1.3. Yellowstone Caldera

13.1.4. Gozer the Gozerian.

13.2. Animal Welfare

13.2.1. Connection to Human Welfare - Help/Therapy Animals

13.3. Annoyances

13.3.1. Lost Rings - RingFinders - Reply All Podcast, 9/29/2016

13.4. Automation/Technological Catastrophy

13.4.1. Leading to Obsolescence Source: Wright, Bryan Dean. "Robots are Coming for Our Jobs" LA Times, 28 March 2016.

13.4.2. CRISPR Technology - issue and potential solution. Park, Alice. "Life the Remix. Time, July 4, 2016

13.5. Business Practices

13.5.1. "Business Integrity Through Research" Big name academics focussed on business ethics: [TCG 4/24/18]

13.6. Communicating Science Clearly

13.6.1. Compass organization. Liz Neely, Trainer (National Geographic, "Age of Disbelief, March 2015, p.45

13.6.2. What Science Is.

13.6.3. Experimentation Bias "File Drawer" effect; many things in journals are statistical flukes. Scientific Registry Replication testing Anna Dreber, Stockholm School of Economics Ecology Psychology

13.6.4. Confirmation Bias - people can filter so as not to be challenged with another reality

13.7. Crime

13.7.1. Incarceration Solitary Confinement leading to added mental illness Pre-trial holding of low-income suspects increases proverty. [TCG 4/23/18] Alternatives to: Incarceration Research: Vera Institute of Justice: [TCG 4/23/18] Prosecutor postive influence: Adam Foss, Prosecutor Impact non-profit: Post-Incarceration Employment [TCG 5/3/18] Exoneration TCG 5//20/2018] Referenced in: Gonnerman, Jennifer. "Framed" The New Yorker, 5/28/2018. Felony Disenfrachisement

13.7.2. Rehabilitation ^Q Sex offenders who were isolated and recieved excessive restrictions and punishments were more likely to commit another crime compared to those that underwent positive rehabilitative therapy. TIME, 5/21/2018 [6/8/2018] ^X People who were incarcerated in the past often have difficulty finding people who are willing to employ them. However, organizations such as Goodwill provides job training to these people, making them more desierable to employers. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018] ^AL the Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry runs the "Chopping for Change" program, which allows inmates to learn culinary skills before they are released. The program is working with restaraunts to provide emplyment for inmates after they are released. The Plain Dealer, 4/25/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.7.3. Violence Type Domestic Street/Neighborhood - Sexual Assault Hate Means Gun Solutions Group: Cure Violence. New Having, CT "Project Longevity" Cleveland Plain Dealier, 3/27/2016, pA1 Anti-Defimation League programs: No Place for Hate, World of Difference ^BM The Cleveland Peacemaker's Alliance is an organization focused on preventing gang violence in Cleveland. The Plain Dealer, 12/22/2017 [7/10/2018]

13.7.4. Petty Crime Walmart Restoriative Justice. Time magazine, 8/22/16, p. 15.. Rehabilitate without involving police. Similar options in prisons and schools.

13.7.5. Child Abuse Miigation: Childhelp A Non-Profit Charity Aiding Victims of Child Abuse

13.7.6. White Collar

13.7.7. Legal Defense Availability Improper DNA Analysis.Shaer, Matthew. "A Reaonable Doubt" Atlantic, June 2016 Transfer Contamination Understaffed Public Defenders [TCG 5/7/18] Refusal of cases, e.g. Missouri.

13.7.8. Use of Technology ^K Criminals are starting to use drones for various types of crimes. The Week, 5/18/2018 [6/6/2018]

13.7.9. Sexual Assault ^AK The documentary "I Am Evidence" outlines how there are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits in America that can be used to convict rapists. The Plain Dealer, 4/15/2018 [7/2/2018] Family Justice Centers are organizations focused on helping people who have suffered domestic abuse and assault. [7/10/2018]

13.8. Law Enforcement

13.8.1. ^R Policework often involves community problem-solving in situations that policemen are not trained for and cannot deal with professionally. Example: dealing with people with mental health problems such as schizophrenea. The New Yorker, 5/7/2018 [6/8/2018]

13.8.2. ^AP The most dangerous incident for police officers are responses to domestic violence, with more police officers being shot compared to drug-related arrests. The Week, 4/27/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.8.3. ^AR Local sheriffs often operate with little oversight, bending their enforcement of laws to fit their personal politcal views and biases. The New Yorker, 4/30/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.8.4. ^BC The Center for Police Equity is a nonprofit organization foxused on using evidence-based methods for collaboration between the police and the community to address racial bias and other issues with policing. Skeptical Inquirer, 2/2018 [7/4/2018]

13.9. Discrimination/Prejudice

13.9.1. Racism Summary of the basis of racist thought: Humans have a tendency to sort people into groups, which consequently leads us to sort people by race. People also have the tendency to favor the group they are in compared to others (ingroup bias). People mispercieve the traits of people in outside groups, and generalize those traits across everyone in that group. These generalized traits lead to racial stereotypes. These stereotypes are reenforced by the fundamental attributional error and self-fulfilling prophecy situations, and individuals who do not fit these stereotypes are dismissed as exceptions to the rule. Skeptical Inquirer, 2/2018. Craig A. Foster and Steven M. Samuels, "Psychology, Skepticism, and Confronting Racism. [TCG 7/8/2018] Potential approach to addressing racism: Getting someone to reduce their racial biases is done through conversation rather than hostility. Being hostile toward people with racist beliefs will cause them to defend their beliefs, present themselves as victims and potentially encourage others to be sympathetic toward them. Conversing with them and getting them to ask questions is an effective way to change their thinking to being more accepting. Skeptical Inquirer, 2/2018. Benjamin Radford, "Critical Tinking Approaches to Confronting Racism." [TCG 7/8/2018]

13.9.2. Hate Groups Heidi Beirich is leader of The Intelligence Project here at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit anti-terror organization.PBS NewHour, Friday 25 March 2016. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a non-profit organization that monitors and shares information about the various hate and extremist groups in America, including their specific geographic locations [TCG 6/5/2018] Major Active Categories Tracked The SPLC Intelligence Project researches the prevalence of various hate groups across America. ^N Parallell Networks is a nonprofit organization focusing on combating jihadist hate and extremism.

13.9.3. Human behavior: Assuming knowledge of others mental states. Studied by Nicholas Epley, Chicago Booth School of Business: [TCG , 4/24/18]

13.9.4. Segregation ^Z Despite long-standing housing laws, there are communities that continue to be segregated and are subjected to financial abuse. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently took a softer stance on enforcing desegregation laws in their law enforcement, and their mission statement. The Plain Dealer, 4/15/2018 [6/10/2018]

13.10. Education

13.10.1. Availability

13.10.2. Computer Science NYC Curriculum - Academy of Software Engineering. 2012 Report: "Running on Empty: Failure to teach K-12..."

13.10.3. Content Common Core Elkind, Peter. Fortune, "Business Gets Schooled". 1/1/2016p.49 ^A Education on how to differentiate personal beliefs and objective facts, "Knowlege Can Be Power" Scientific American, June 2018 [TCG 6/5/2018]

13.10.4. College Cost Issue: Gov't subsidies of loans support increasing costs ^J The Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform bill (Prosper) seeks to reform student loan repayment and incentivize apprenticeships for students. The Wall Street Journal, 5/17/2018 [6/6/2018] ^AG Federal student loans are managed by various private companies, and the treatment of borrowers varies from company to company. Standardization of how to handle borrowers who miss payments may reduce the number of borrowers going into default. However, the federal government is scaling back oversight of collection companies. The New York TImes, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018] Community College Completion Rate - >50% of all college students go to Community College, only 25% graduate (2017). [TCG 5/7/2018] ^V Tenessee stopped requiring low-scoring students to take remidial classes, instead having them take college introductory courses with extra class time. This method was much more successful. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018] ^AH The college admission process often favors the wealthy, through practices such as legacy admissions, "development" admissions where students are accepted in hopes that their wealthy parents will make donations, and favoring students who made a pre-application visit, which alienates low-income students who could not afford to visit. People formerly in foster care is one of the least likely demographics to graduate college. [7/5/2018]

13.10.5. PreSchool Plain Dealer OpEd 3 April 2016. "Moving preschool higher on public's list of pirorities" p.E2

13.10.6. Special education Armstrong, Thomas Neurodiversity in the Classroom

13.10.7. Youth Gender-specific Male Female Multi-cultural Features in: [TCG 4/7/18] ^T Around 10% of students do not fluently speak English, and that rate is predicted to increase, creating a problematic language barrier. This issue is currently being addressed through translation apps such as ClassDojo. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018] Low-income communities The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) us a program aimed at improving academic performance for students in low-income communities. The NFTE run programs that are both US-based and international. [TCG 6/5/18] ^ The Positive Education Program (PEP) assists troubled children by providing education and mental health services. Recognized for effective programming. [6/6/2018] ^Y In an innovative approach to education, the Mayfield Innovation Center utilizes new technology and project-based learning to encourage teamwork and problem solving in an approach geared toward STEM fields. Other schools are providing career-based education with assistance from companies such as Toyota. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018] ^AB Say Yes to Education is a city-based program centered around providing students with the opportunity to pursue a college education. The Plain Dealer, 4/15/2018 [6/10/2018] ^AC the Clevelad Transformation Alliance is an organization that tracks and assesses the quality of Cleveland charter and district schools, and aims to ensure that all children get sent to a quality school.

13.10.8. Adult Knewton - for profit. Featured in Forbes, March 12, 2012 Forbes Peer learning P2PU Peeragogy ^W It is difficult for adults who dropped out of high school to find a comprehensive program to earn a GED, especially when they have work and other life responsibilities. Options are limited and graduation rates are low for programs that do exist. Most programs will only accept students within a certain age group. One moderately successful program without an age cap is the Goodwill Excel program. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018] ProLiteracy is a charity organization that focuses on teaching adults basic reading, writing, and math. ProLiteracy is partnered with 1000+ organizations such as nonprofits, schools, and prisons. The Week, 3/9/2018 (Sourced from Charity Navigator) [TCG 7/3/2018]

13.11. Eldercare

13.11.1. Aging population requires more services.

13.11.2. BUT Opportunity -- 75% of aging seniors want to keep working for reasons other than financial concerns per Aegon Center of Leongevity and Retirement (Time, 2/22/17)

13.11.3. Non-Profit Source:

13.11.4. Lack of pension, minimal retirement savings and low social security payouts do not allow for basic living expenses. GAO Report:

13.11.5. Guardianship for elders

13.12. Environment

13.12.1. Caitlin Johnson, CURE - Communities for Responsible Energy. Plain Dealer 1/6/2016

13.12.2. Pope Francis' Encyclical on Ecology

13.12.3. Pollution Water Pollution Freshwater Trust e.g Flint Lead 2016 Carcinogen content. PBS Newshour 9/21/2016 Coal Ash storage near water supplies. The New Yorker. 4/2/2018. ^C Nutrient Pollution (Nitrogen and Phospherous) causes increased algae growth, affecting water quality, EPA 3/10/2017. [6/5/2018] ^AN Plastic in the ocean is devastating wildlife, and is beginning to affect humans, and will continue to do so unless international action is taken. The Week, 4/27/2018 [7/2/2018] Nuclear waste storage. Source: Last Week Tonight, 8/21/2017. [TCG 8/22/17] Air Pollution ^L More than 40% of Americans are breathing heavily polluted air. While particle pollution levels are decreasing, ozone pollution levels are increasing due to rising temperatures. American Lung Association, Energy Excelerator is a Hawaii-based organization funded by the U.S. Department of Energy focused on assisting businesses in using clean sources of energy. Kaufman, Leslie. "Going all the way (renewable)" Popular Science, 2/2018 [TCG 7/4/2018] ^BF California Clean Energy FUnd is a nonprofit organization focused on working with businesses to transition to clean energy. Rolling Stone, 12/28/2018 [7/9/2018]

13.12.4. Recycling Source: Columbia University Biannual Report on Municipal Waste. More reliable than EPA report... www.recyclingpartnership,.org (Advertsied in BusinessWeek 2016) The Tangant company created a water recycling system called Watercycle that eliminates the need for a septic system. Only 2-3 systems are currently installed. The Plain Dealer, 1/7/2018 [7/5/2018]

13.12.5. Non-Profit Resource: Green Infrastructure Center. Ulster County NY land use case study featured in December 2016 National Geographic: 1. Make a Map, 2. Set Priorities, 3. Get Results

13.12.6. Climate Change Disbelief in Climate Change Drying up Fertile Land Prompting WIldfires Prompting Floods Prompting Extreme weather

13.12.7. Unique Habitat Destruction. National Geographic. December 2016

13.12.8. Agriculture Declining bee population

13.12.9. Public lands Hardwater Economics is an independent non-profit research institute that publishes research on economic development and natural issues in the rural west. Studied a sample of 17 national monuments and determined that the local economy expanded in every case. Source: The Week, 1/26/18.[TCG 7/4/2018]

13.13. Family

13.13.1. Guidance parents/guardians

13.14. Government Effectiveness

13.14.1. Government Debt Lost Tax Revenue Due to improper payment/fraud "The United States of Insolvency" Grant, James. Time, April 25, 2016. p28

13.14.2. Excessive/Irrational Regulations. Source: Murry, Charles. By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission" Advovates civil dissobediance Legal foundation similar to Legal Servcices Corporation for the ppor. Occupational defense funds "No Harm, No Foul" approach Approximately 70 regulatory agencies

13.14.3. Local government coorporate subsidies ^AY Good Jobs First is a nonprofit organization that runs a database detailing government subsidies for many cooperations operating in America. [7/4/2018]

13.15. Health

13.15.1. Diseases - Communicable AIDS

13.15.2. Diseases - Non-communicable Cancer Breast Cancer Rural Kentucky cancer epedimic - PBS NewHour, Friday 25 March 2016. Infections

13.15.3. Fertility Rates

13.15.4. Healthcare Access Healthcare tied to full-time employment; excludes those starting a business. [TCG 03/26/18] Exemplified in Atlantic short film: "Failure, A Modern Success Story" 3/20/2018. Features Michael Stevenson, Alutruistic entreprenuer started TENATIV. Not sure if company is active: Reducing impact of superusers - excessive use of emergency room. Using data analytics to identify and act upon. Addressing entrenched interests. PBS Newshour 1/17/2017: Low-income access to health serivices. Grant from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) a part of DHHR A part of Accountable Health Communities program. In Cleveland, United Way partnering with Hospita.s Regular citizens trained to provide basic medical support. City Health Works. PBS Newshour, 10/17/2016: Healthcare availability - Coy, Peter. "Game of EpiPens" Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Sept 5, 2016, p 8 ^F If access to Medicaid is restricted to the employed, there is uncertainty on whether or not self-employed people will have access to medical care. The Economist, 5/19/2018 [6/6/2018]

13.15.5. Medical Errors CANDOR process - Communication AND Optimal Resolution; "Extreme honesty" - helps patient family get info, reduces hospital legal costs, helps improve operations, provides resolution if negligence. Tozzi, John, Bloomberg. 6/2016

13.15.6. Medication ^AD People who take antidepressants long-term (2+ years) experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Drug companies do not have data on withdrawal symptoms, and doctors generally do not have experience treating them, leaving patients to figure out for themselves how to get off antidepressants while dealing with the symptoms. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018]

13.15.7. Mental Health Insurance Coverage - PBS Newshour, 11/1/2016 Teen Suicide Rates Increasing. [TCG 1/2/2018] Time Mag 8/4/2017. [TCG 1/2/2018] Whalen, Jeanne. "Youth Suicide Attempts Rising" WSJ 5/16/2018. References Pediatrics journal using CDC data [TCG 5/16/2018] ^B Loneliness - Cigna 5/1/2018 [6/5/2018]

13.15.8. Obesity Obesity - Solution: Obesity program in Memphis - Dr. Jon McCullers. Combines research, community outreach & Healthy LifeStyles clinic. (Source: Politico 2017)

13.15.9. Poisonous Substances (non-addictive) Lead contamination - even the smallest amount impacts academic performance. [TCG 4/18/18]

13.15.10. Pregnancy/Infant Mortality Package of resources for new moms. Source: reen, Marcus Harrison. "5 Reasons Social Justice for Babies comes in a cardboard box" Yes, Summer 2016, p. 6 Racism impact on pregnant women, higher maternal mortality. [TCH 4/23/19=8]

13.15.11. Substance Addiction Alcohol Opioids Solutions Source: Winnefelt, James. Atlantic, 11/29/17 Author (father of son died from overdose) [TCG, 4/5/18] recommends. Infection related to [] [TCG 5/7/18] Marijuana, both recreational and medicinal, can be used as an alternative to opiates. States that legalized marijuana saw a decrease in opioid overdose deaths after legalization. The Plain Dealer, 2/11/2018 [TCG 7/4/2018] Nicotine

13.15.12. Vaccinations Challenge: Keeping them temp controlled until reach destiation. Solution: Arktek - Chinese refrigeration company licenced from IV Anti-Malaria Photonic Fence Anti-Vaccination movement

13.15.13. Water Quality

13.15.14. Technology use ^AT Boundless Mind is an organization aimed at using the addictive nature of technology to engineer the brain into adopting positive habits and stopping negative ones. They hope to apply this concept to issues such as opioid addiction. TIME, 4/23/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.16. Infrastructure

13.16.1. Cory Booker, Planet Money Podcast

13.16.2. Technological New Tech City/Note to Self Podcast 2012: NYC - Digital Roadmap, Chief Digital Officer - Rachel Haot (nee Sterne) Broadband Vick, Carl. "Internet For All" Time, April 10, 2017, p34

13.16.3. Water Quality

13.16.4. Coastal Infrastructure to handle rising water levels. Wildlife-Habitat Friendly Seattle Seawall . - PBS Newshour, 7/25/2017.

13.16.5. Maintenance of Infrastructure - "permanent" employment - if you build it, build-in paid human stewardship

13.16.6. "Rebuilding America," Time Special Report, April 10, 2017

13.16.7. ^AS Infrastructure such as power grids, manufacturing, water, airports, and nuclear facilities are vulnerable to cyber attacks from countries like Russia. The Kiplinger Letter, 3/30/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.17. Mass Communication

13.17.1. Accuracy Media Matters is an organization focused on putting major media outlets under scrutiny for Communication misleading information. However, the organization seems focused on attacking right-wing news sourced with a tone that is hostile rather than informative. [TCG 7/4/2018]

13.18. National Defense

13.18.1. ^AZ The Defense Innovation Units Experimental is a Department of Defense program where tech companies can learn about defense issues and to provide a way for technologists to work on these issues. MIT Technology Review, 2/2018 Ash Carter, "What I learned from the People who Built the Atom Bomb. {TCG 7/3/2018]

13.18.2. The Defense Innovation Board is a government organization that provides the Department of Defense with indpendent advice for future challenges. [7/4/2018]

13.19. Political Process

13.19.1. Political Apathy Cure: Greed - TED Talk: Antidote to Apathy. Summary posted 4/28/15: [TCG, 4/5/18]

13.19.2. Gerrymandering No "best" way to draw electoral maps. [TCG 4/24/18]

13.19.3. Lobbying

13.19.4. Party polarization ^E Issue One is a nonprofit bipartisan organization focused on combating corruption and the role of money in American Democracy [6/5/2018]

13.19.5. ^O Vacancies in White House staff positions The New Yorker, 5/21/2018 [6/8/2018]

13.19.6. ^AM Nothing is being done about the national debt. The Week, 4/27/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.20. Poverty/Income Inequality

13.20.1. Source: Lindsey, Brink & Teles, Steven M. The Captured Economy: How the Powerful Enrich Themselves, Slow Down Growth, and Increase Inequality. [Not Read Yet - TCG 03/25/18 - sub-bullet are from reviews] Premise: Governmen regulation benefits wealthy at the epense of poor and middle class. Restrictive Zoning laws make affordable housing more scarce. Licencing requirements protect high incomes of doctors and lawyers, and make it difficult for the poor to access legal counsel. Government oversight of Wall Street has produced large, powerful financial sector. Government oversight of trademark and patent protection put startups in many fields at a severe disadvantage. Reviewer ideas prompted by book: Ilya Somin: shrinking government and therefore shrink the advantages of the special interests that have the time and resources to navigate the complexity:

13.20.2. Employment Automation Economist, Free Exchange: Remember the Mane. April 1, 2017. p70 [Robots replacing human comparison to Horse Employment in 20th century] Retraining Retirees who wish to work. Solution: Sernior Community Service Employment Program (Gov't Funded, run by AARP Foundation) Involuntary unemployed Solution: Employment Training Programs -- funded by U.S. Labor Department Grants ^D Coalition for Queens (C4Q) is a nonprofit organization that teaches coing skills to prepare people for jobs in the tech industry [6/5/2018] ^U Philedelphia Community College is offering 12 credit hours tuition-free for laid-off workers. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018] Free Trade impact Free Trade -- balance negatives of high tarrifs and negatives of permanently damaging capacity for lower-wage jobs. Source: Coy, Peter. "An Inconvenient Truth about Free Trade." BusinessWeek, April 4, 2016. p6 ^P Free trade with China has resuted in the decline of low-skill manufacturing jobs The New Yorker, 5/14/2018 [6/8/2018] Associated with happiness, purpose, successful marriage. Wartzman, Rick. The End of Loyalty: the rise and fall of good jobs in America. Public Affairs/Hachnette [2017] Citations and Sources - 171 pages, available online only: features/publicaffairs/9781586489144.pdf (saved copy TCG local hard drive) Solutions Preface topics 1935 National Labor Relations Act, p33 Council for Economic Development (CED) - Established 1942 - Goal to provide employment post WWII to avoid another Depression. Staffed by elite businessman. Among many other initiatives "gained a reputation for [...} analysis [...] action [...] progressive...thinking." (p.12) 1940s 1947 Taft-Hartley Act/Labor-Management Relations Act 1950's "Golden Age" of employee relations - but still many work stoppages, p81-87 1960s 1970s Decline in productivity, extending 20 years staring in 1973 (pp219-220) Late 1970's, 1980s 1990's 2000's Union decline Globalization, pp 342 Pensions vs. Self-Directed Retirement, pp275-280. Factory Closures, pp293 Education, pp 343 Service Jobs, pp 344-345 Tech Job, pp357-358 Professional Licensing Postiive Impact Negative Impact ^H The idea of a "Federal Jobs guarantee" has been suggested by Democrats where everyone can have access to a $15 per hour job with health benefits. However, some problems with this plan involve funding and finding jobs for millions of Americans to do. The Week, 5/11/2018 [6/6/2018] ^BC the Fannie Lewis Law requires contractors on projects in Cleveland must use Clevelanders for 20% of work hours, and 4% of those hours must go to low income workers. The law works as intended, and many private companies have adopted it's guidelines. The Plain Dealer, 2/25/2018 [7/4/2018]

13.20.3. Financial Stability Access to post-working years resources (e.g. Pension) Access to Financial Instituation for Savings Using Post Office Branches; would also help fund Post Office - has been rejected by Congress in the past. Low income people may only have option of payday lenders and short-term, super-high interest loans, which can increase debt load of low income people. ^BB The Open Table program puts six adults at a table with someone in the foster care system, providing access to social support to those who don't usually have access to it. The Plain Dealer, 2/11/2018 [7/4/2018] ^AV Organizations such as Commonwealth and America Saves are encouraging people to save rather than spend their income tax refund so people can pay unexpected expenses. The Plain Dealer, 3/25/2018 [7/2/2018] ^AQ Wages for schoolteachers are falling behind inflation, making it more difficult to live off a teacher's wage, especially in right-leaning states. The Plain Dealer, 4/25/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.20.4. Food Security/Hunger Food Bank Marketplace - EconTalk Episode Expiration/Best By Dates (99% Invisible Episode) Daily Table by Trader Joe's past president. Features on PBS NewsHour. May 19, 2016. "Second Acts" Feeding kids - feeding kids in poverty. Nebraska Food Bank - Foodbank for the Heartland (near Omaha). Staffed by Mutual of Omaha. No Kid Hungry advocacy group mentioned. Food Research and Action Network -- only 8% eligible are being fed through programs. USDA Summer Meals Pilot Program. PBS Newshour/Education Week, 7/25/2017. College Student Food Secruity. PBS Newshour. 25 October 2016. Search

13.20.5. Learning activities to address poverty "The Pilot Program: Bringing Poor Into the Digitial Economy" The Pacific Standard, Nov/Dec 2015- Konnikova, Maria. Sammasource - Funded by Facebook and Google nonprofits, and Rockefeller foundation

13.20.6. Housing availability Urban Blight - Tearing down houses & such ^I Federal housing - practices discourages tenants from seeking higher wages and economic advantages for fear of rasing rent. The Wall Street Journal, 5/9/2018 [6/6/2018] ^AE Eviction - High eviction rates are an issue with many low-income communities, where one missed payment, usually due to an unexpected payment such as a hosptal bill, sends the tenant through an eviction process that they do not often have the time or money to navigate. The court process for eviction is designed to proceed as quickly as possible in favor of the landlord, and the tenant often cannot find another apartment with an eviction on their record, giving them little means to find a way out of their situation. The New York Times, 4/8/2018 [6/10/2018]

13.20.7. Homelessness "Homelessness is Bad Desiign" BusinessWeek, Aprill 11, 2016. p81. Haggerty, Rosanne, CEO of Community Solutions. Taking system design approach to homelessness -- simplifying steps to get people into homes, then working on the rest. Housing Availability. Homeless K-12 Students Homeless youth 87% more likely to dropout of high school. Solution: Covenant House. "Knowing the challenges homeless teens face, supporting them every step of the way and uniting in a movement to help them off the streets." Source: Evicted; Poverty and Profit in the American City. 2016. [Not Read Yet - TCG 03/25/18] ^AF The Metatonia Project is a cleveland-based homeless outreach program designed to reach out to the homeless who are unwilling or unable to go to traditional homeless shelters. They are currently facing issues involving funding and treating opioid abuse. The Plain Dealer, 4/1/2018 [6/10/2018] The federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is not enough money to rent an apartment in most of the United States. ^AU Utah's "Housing First" program prevents chronic homelessness. Providing housing for the homeless is less expensive than the shelter costs and other expenses associated with taking care of the homeless. The Week, 3/16/2018. [7/2/2018] ^BI The Housing First Coalition is a Cuyahoga county based organization focuesed on eliminating long-term homelessness. The Plain Dealer, 12/29/2017 [7/10/2018] ^BK The city of Everett, Washington utilizes teams of outreach workers to convince the chronically homeless into seeking help with housing and substance abuse. The Plain Dealer, 12/27/2017 [7/10/2018]

13.20.8. Moral Imparative to Help Angus Deaton Won Nobel Prize Helping the poor is a moral imperative The Great Escape

13.20.9. Psychological/behavioral (5/9/17 - CLS) "A Behavioral-Economics View of Poverty", Memos to the Council of Behavioral-Economics Advisors, Bertrand, Mullainathan and Shafir (5/9/17 - CLS) Millions of Americans without Bank Accounts, Gillian White, October 20, 2016 (CLS - 5/20/17) "Big Returns from Thinking Small", Freakonomics Podcast, March 29, 2017 (5/9/17 - CLS) Owain Service & Rory Gallagher - "Thinking-Small Approach" - 7 step path to problem-solving "Could Solving This One Problem Solve All the Others?", Freakonomics Podcast, April 5, 2017 (5/9/17 - CLS) MacArthur Foundation

13.20.10. Professional Attire Low-income men: Featured PBS Newshour 3/16/18 [TCG 3/25/2018]

13.20.11. Prostitution - National Human Trafficing Resource Center Nest Foundation - - commercial sexual exploitation of children

13.20.12. Decline of Successful Capitalism. Foroohar, Rana. "Saving Capitalism" Time.May 23, 2016. Based on book by her: Makers and Takers, 2016 Solutions: Make Finance more Transparent. Size of financial entities most be small enough to manage. Transparent trading of Derivitive and Swaps. Stop rewarding debt over equity. Tax reform. Saving and Investing should be incentivized. Rethink who companies are run for. In addition to shareholders: Customers, society. Capital markets encourage long-term growth, not just short-term. Build a national growth strategy. Fical polcy and growth plan to make U.S. compoetitive on global stage. Redefine who's making and taking. Finance is now central. SHoudl instead by supportive of job creators.

13.20.13. General Poverty Topics/Resources Source: Edink Kathryn J., Shaefer, H. Luke $2.00 a Day; Living on Almost Nothing In America. 2015 Referenced: Ellwood, David, Poor Support Authors Principles Overall Solutions Economic Hardship Reporting Project Source: Hughes, Chris. Fair Shot. 2018. Sub-topics from : [TCG 3/16/18] "Government should provide a guaranteed income of $500 a month to every adult who lives in a household making less than $50,000 per year and who is working in some way." A tax on the richest Americans, whom Hughes defines as those making at least $250,000 a year. He suggests this group would have income in their highest tax bracket taxed at 50%. Dollar amounts for both the monthly check and the salary requirement would be subject to adjustments based on a state's population. It would cost the federal government $290 billion, making it the fourth-largest federal social benefit. Hughes portrays the idea not as an act of charity, but as a way to grow the economy by reviving low-income communities and encouraging employment — a belief supported by research from the Roosevelt Institute, though under a different form of a guaranteed income. Guarenteed Basic Income Stockton California Experiment: Vox Media explainer, good summary! [TCG 3/16/18] Economic Security Project: [TCG 3/16/18] Summary of current experiments (2017): [TCG 3/16/18] Additional Commentary: [TCG 3/16/18] Basic Income Earth Network - Global Focus, general resource. [TCG 3/16/18] US Basic Income Guarenteed Network - not slick, but contains useful content; [TCG 3/16/18] Detailed proposal from Scott Santens (2017) : [TCG 3/16/18] Canada, Ontario experiment.[TCG 5/7/2018] ^AJ The nonprofit Ohio Inc. bought a Family Dollar so that low-income people in the area can continue to shop at a low-cost retail store. The Plain Dealer, 4/14/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.20.14. Senior Citizens Pension Failure - Melby, Caleb. "Fate of 400,000 Teamster Pension..." Bloomberg News 31 March 2016 Pension fund leader is paid $694,786 Annually. Untitled

13.20.15. Education access GED Changes impact high school dropouts ability to succeed PBS Newshour, 1/6/2016 Digital Literacy "Bringing Rural Poor Into The Digital Economy" The Pacific Standard, Nov/Dec 2015- Konnikova, Maria.

13.20.16. Impact of Race on upward mobility [TCG 3/23/18] [TCG 3/23/18] Journalist covering this: NYT Emily Badger [TCG 3/23/18] Solution:

13.20.17. Work Requirements for Governement Benefits [TCG 5/7/18] Maine example. [TCG 5/7/18]

13.20.18. Retirement Companies that go bankrupt leave behind an ageing workforce without their promised pension, leaving them with debts that they will not be physically able to work off. "Pensions Go Poof" Washington Post, [TCG 7/5/2018]

13.20.19. Veterans ^BD There is a major homelessness problem among veterans, and the Department of Veterans Affairs may be cutting down support for homeless veterans. The Wall Street Journal, 1/2/2018 [7/5/2018]

13.20.20. ^BG The Equality of Opportunity project is an organiztion focused on accomplishing upward income mobility in America, particluarly for minority families in order to bring them out of poverty. The organization mainly focuses on data analytics. The Plain Dealer, 12/10/2017 [7/9/2018]

13.20.21. ^BH The Cleveland Leadership Center and Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland are collaborating in advocacy programs to reduce child poverty in Cleveland. The Plain Dealer, 1/24/2018 [7/9/2018]

13.21. Technology

13.21.1. Personal Data The Signal Foundation is a nonprofit group focused on providing everyone the means to protect their data through encryption. As of 7/3/2018, the organization is only a few months old, and they do not yet have a website. [TCG 7/3/2018] A blog post WhatsApp founder Brian Acton donated $50 million to Signal Foundation. Signal is an open source, secure communication app developed by Open Whisper systems.

13.21.2. Data & Society is a nonprofit research institute focused on societal issues that arise after technological advancement. [TCG 7/3/2018]

13.21.3. The Future of Life Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on making sure AI is used for beneficial rather than destructive purposes (i.e. AI driven weapons) MIT Technology Review, March 2018 [TCG 7/3/2018]

13.22. Traffic

13.22.1. Car being idle asset - research buy Univ of CA, Berkeley. Carpopling in automated vehiicles. Time, April 25, 2016

13.23. Economic

13.23.1. Tax Policy Tax reductions - Kansas "Experiment" failure. [TCG 4/24/18]

13.23.2. Exploitative Business Practices ^G The Vatican denounced business practices contributing to income inequality, including debt scrutinization, credit default swaps, and offshore tax havens. The Wall Street Journal, 5/18/2018 [6/6/2018] Payday Lending - a practice that targets the desperate and involves loans with interest rates often above 100% ^AA Colorado passed a reform bill in 2010 that limited how much a consumer can borrow from payday lenders. Held up as "national model" despite many states not passing similar measures. ^AY Good Jobs First is a nonprofit organization that runs a database of cooperate violations such as wage violations, environmental violations, etc. [7/4/2018]

13.23.3. GDP as a measure of a country's success is inaccurate and misleading. It works with averages, overlooking inequalities. While the U.S. GDP is increasing, this doesn't translate to a better standard of living for citizens. Time Magazine, 2/5/2018 [TCG 7/4/2018] Article summarized book: Pilling, David. The Growth Delusion (2018) [TCG 7/4/2018]

13.23.4. Companies with new job openings are having trouble finding qualified people to work those jobs

13.23.5. ^BN While the unemployment rate and economic growth for the country as a whole are positive, many midwestern cities have still not fully recovered from the Recession, and are largely ignored because the national average is positive. The Plain Dealer, 12/20/2017 [7/10/2018]

13.24. Government Programs

13.24.1. ^S FBI: Negative press and public perception of the FBI is affecting the FBI's ability to work. TIME, 5/14/2018

13.24.2. ^AO The IRS doesn't have the funding or the staff to prevent tax fraud. The Week, 4/27/2018 [7/2/2018]

13.24.3. ^BJ Ohio Mayor's Courts is a conflixt of interest where the mayor can control the fines levied against violators that go into a city budget that the mayor controls. The Plain Dealer, 1/28/2018 [7/10/2018]

13.24.4. ^BO Due to underfunded independent government research organizations, legislators often rely on the research of interest groups, prevening objective data from being used in politics. The Economist, 12/8/2017 [7/10/2018]

13.24.5. ^BL The Social Security Administration is underfunded and understaffed, leading to extreme wait times of 18 months for those applying for disability benefits. The Plain Daeler, 12/17/2017 [7/10/2018]

14. Operations

14.1. Development Tools

14.1.1. Atlassian Jira

14.1.2. "Open" Activities Open Patent Alliance GNU Creative Commons WikiStuff

14.2. Project Management Tools

14.3. Data Analysis

14.3.1. Techniques A-B Testing

14.3.2. Applications -- Swedish Foundation focussed on fact-based analysis; tools publically available, global scope. Aimed at educators. [TCG 4/23/18] Hans Rosling (TED Talk) American Communities Project: [TCG 5/7/17] State of Tennessee, Governor BIll Haslam, public advocate of data-driven decision-making. Source: [TCG 4/23/18] Focus areas: Increasing state rainy day fund Creating jobs Reforming juvenline justice system. Improving state "monopoly" services to be more user centric, e.g. Bureau of motor vehicles Untitled

14.3.3. Sources U.S. Census American Community Survey (ACS)

14.4. Financial Management Tools

14.5. Talent/Staffing

14.5.1. Sort out - Immigration vs. people 50+ unemployed - Contact Adam Davidson (Appeared in Gist, April 2015)

14.5.2. Supersmart People "Polymath who dreams up more contraptions than Edition: The work and idaas of Lowell Wood, America's most prolific inventer. Businessweek, Oct 26, 2015. Vance, Ashlee. Intellectual Ventures - Funded by Bill Getes, former Microsoft Research guy Nathan Myrvold. Lowell is resource to Bill Gates as "on demand problem solver"

14.5.3. "Lauren Bush Lauren on how-and why - to give your time to others" Hilmantel, Robin. Time, April 25, 2016. p.24 1. Get specific - match your skills/expertise/apptitude the volunteer need 2. Become a regular - to truly become a reliable part of the operation, and get to know the people - also get to see outcomes 3. Thank about yoru time creatively - give in likmited increments if time is limited (vs. whole day) OR make it a part of work schedule. Volunteer with children.

14.5.4. "4 Apps to help you give back" Amburg, Jessie Van. Time, April 25, 2016, p. 24 -- aggregates volunter opportunities in the U.S., with location, interestes and required time commitment. - similar to voluteermatch, but allows connection with other volunteers, set service goals, and keep track of where worked. - helps organize and plan volunteer events. Free version help create an event page, send email invites, colelct contirbutions. - Donates $.25 to organization of choice for every mile walked or run. No fee...donations are made by appp's corporate sponsors.

14.5.5. Toyota Production System Support Center nonprofit support, e.g. Food Bank for New York City. Donated expertise.

14.5.6. National Industries for the Blind. "NIB and its associated nonprofit agencies from around the country deliver quality products and services while employing thousands of people who are blind or visually impaired." {TCG 4/5/18]

14.5.7. Idea: "Executive Search" for volunteers - finding those with time/talent not in need of compensation.

14.6. Technology Tools - Other

14.6.1. Google for Nonprofits. Requires

14.6.2. TechSoup Registration:

15. Reference in this article

16. Funds

17. Supports