Painfree Purpose

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Painfree Purpose by Mind Map: Painfree Purpose

1. CP has a HUGE financial/social burden

2. How can I help?

2.1. Share knowledge

2.2. I can solve healthcare puzzles

2.3. I'm dedicated to this cause

3. Unique spin

3.1. I know how to relate to CP from the patient point of view and from the healthcare provider point of view

3.1.1. I'm a Nurse Practitioner with chronic pain

4. Who I serve

4.1. Adults

4.2. Chronic Pain

4.3. Men and Women

5. Why I care

5.1. I have CP

5.2. I received a lot of comments from people who read my book

5.3. This is a way to help people

6. What are my strengths?

6.1. Project creation

6.2. Project implementation

6.3. Work ethic

6.4. Nurturing

7. What are my weaknesses?

7.1. Can't say "no"

7.2. Shiny object syndrome

7.3. Website creation

8. Who do I love working with?

8.1. Anyone who I consider 'my patient'

9. Personality/Things I like to do

9.1. Upcycle furniture

9.2. Cook

9.3. Make something from nothing

9.4. I like a challenge

10. What are my values?

10.1. Honesty

10.2. Integrity

10.3. Promptness