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Best Practice by Mind Map: Best Practice

1. Health & Wellbeing

1.1. Clean Air

1.1.1. Indoor plants Ambius Junglefy

1.1.2. Air quality measurement Slr consulting

1.1.3. Remove vocs Remove human-toxic materials (pvc, pu etc) NICNAS

1.1.4. Green interior design Voc free

1.1.5. HVAC maintenance Mould and bacteria free Appropriate air circulation rates

1.2. Dr Happiness

1.3. Dr Movement

1.3.1. Fitness

1.3.2. Forest Bathing

1.3.3. Yoga

1.3.4. Cycling

1.4. Dr Diet

1.4.1. Organic food

1.4.2. Hydration

1.4.3. Essential fatty acids

1.5. Dr Quiet

1.5.1. Nap policy

1.5.2. Meditation

2. Sustainable Materials

2.1. Bioplastics

2.1.1. Injection moulding 100+ of moulds

2.1.2. 60+ grades of pellets

2.1.3. Extrusion

2.1.4. Industrial design

2.2. Recycled materials

2.3. Zero VOC Coatings

2.3.1. Ecolor

2.3.2. Volvox

2.3.3. Bio

2.4. Classification framework

2.4.1. Lifecycle analysis Cradle to cradle

2.4.2. NICNAS

2.5. Wood substitutes & Biocomposites

2.5.1. Agriculture waste

2.5.2. Basalt composites

2.5.3. Paper industry waste

3. Green Manufacturing

3.1. Award Winning Industrial Designers

3.1.1. Vert Design

3.1.2. Product leadership

3.2. 100+ Moulds Available

3.2.1. Mastroplas

3.3. Best Practice Plastics

3.4. 20 Years of Expertise

3.5. Product stewardship

3.5.1. Custom Recycling Programs

3.6. 60+ grades of bioplastics and wood composites

3.7. New revenue stream

3.7.1. LOHAS

3.8. Noco2 Industrial heat

3.8.1. Solar thermal Wizard power Ghadia solar Area solar

4. Operational effectiveness

4.1. Productivity improvement

4.1.1. Add value Social Environmental Economic

4.1.2. Tools Mindmapping Cloud Syndication

4.1.3. Removing unnecessary processes Administrative Automation of essential processes, remove wasteful processes Encourage Unitasking Unnecessary meetings during peak activity periods Commuting Telecommuting Teleconferenceing Minimalism Grow culture of minimalism

4.1.4. Health & wellbeing

4.1.5. Increase Motivation Help to cultivate dreams Help people to find and apply themselves. They then will do much more then money could buy. Core values Make bigger picture visible Give independence Flexible work schedule based on performance Nurture organisational entrepreneurship Give people responsibility and ownership

4.2. Supply chain management

4.2.1. Industrial ecology Edge Environment

4.2.2. Zero waste

4.2.3. Clean Technology Clustering

4.2.4. Sustainable procurement Sscm

4.3. Innovation drive

4.3.1. Collaborative Future

4.3.2. Product leadership

4.3.3. Clean Technology Cluster Development Australian Technology Park Startup Weekend

4.3.4. Green Urbanism 200 Green Roofs City Challange Urban Farming Brisbane Sydney Collaborative Future Solar thermal cooling Solar thermal desalination Biophilic city development Polycentric cities Urban clusters Better Buildings Partnership

4.3.5. Socio-Environmental entrepreneurship VibeWire

4.3.6. Open source software and hardware

4.4. Performance Standards

4.4.1. Measurement and validation Qualitative Surveys KPI Quantitative KPI Smart Metering Data loggers LCA

4.4.2. Compliance NABERS BASIX CBD Carbon price BCA Green star Packaging covenant EEO

4.4.3. Risk management Product liability Toxic materials replacement Mitigate resource depletion Future proofing Fossil material price spikes Planetary Defence Space Bees Business continuation planning

4.5. Systematic CO2 Reduction

4.5.1. Renewable energy Solar

4.5.2. Energy efficiency LED lighting Ceramic coatings

4.5.3. Green roofs Junglefy Cloustons associates

4.5.4. Behavioural change Change2