Project Outcome: A Staff-Led Initiative

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Project Outcome: A Staff-Led Initiative by Mind Map: Project Outcome: A Staff-Led Initiative

1. One Year Later...Even More Lessons Learned

1.1. Staff led is important, manager led is crucial

1.2. Don't underestimate the open ended question

1.3. People forget about the goals!

1.4. One person can't do it all (unless that's all you do)

1.5. Change doesn't happen overnight

2. big picture

2.1. Example: By the end of 2019 we will have collected concrete data to use to apply for grants for a mobile technology lab.

3. short term

3.1. Example: We will administer 6 surveys in the next two months to measure at least two areas of change.

3.2. Example: At least one staff person per department/branch will sign up for Project Outcome and post in the peer discussion section.

4. Engagement

4.1. Discussion

4.2. Idea sharing

4.3. Training

5. Staff Buy-In

5.1. Set yourself up for success

5.2. Form a task force

5.2.1. Staff only

5.3. Choose the right people

6. First Steps

6.1. Become an expert

6.1.1. Build your vocabulary

6.1.2. Outcome measures

6.1.3. Project Outcome

6.2. Practice

6.2.1. Creating/administering surveys

6.2.2. Inputting data

6.2.3. Peer discussion

7. Common Barriers

7.1. Lack of management level championship

7.2. Competing priorities

7.3. Lack of staff capacity

7.4. Perceived lack of alignment between survey questions and library needs

7.5. Lack of knowledge

7.6. Lack of survey responses

8. Timeline

8.1. What to plan?

8.1.1. Look to the future

8.2. Where to jump in?

8.2.1. Look for opportunities

8.3. Be flexible

9. Groundwork

9.1. Bringing managers up to speed

9.1.1. Don't Assume Knowledge

9.1.2. Start with the basics Webinar Wednesdays Common vocabulary

9.1.3. Refreshers are good

9.2. Set goals

10. Feedback/Feedforward

10.1. The cycle of improvement

10.2. Staff apprehension

10.3. It starts at the top

11. Communication Plan

11.1. Microsoft Teams/Slack/Basecamp

11.2. Keep everyone informed

11.2.1. Progress

11.2.2. Expectations

11.2.3. Training

12. Lessons Learned

12.1. Assume no knowledge

12.2. It's all about the team

12.3. Encourage the staff bond

13. Resources

13.1. Project Outcome

13.1.1. Resources Terminology List Project Outcome 101 On-Demand Webinars Successful Implementation Case Studies

13.2. https:/

13.2.1. Webinars Buy-In Not Opt Out: Creating a Culture for Staff Driven Metrics Lean Six Sigma: What's in It for You?

13.2.2. Forums

14. Why a Staff-Led Approach?

14.1. Buy-in for success

14.2. Who will be administering the surveys?

14.3. Who has the relationship?