GOAL: Ethically build inherited ROTH from $250 to $2,500

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GOAL: Ethically build inherited ROTH from $250 to $2,500 by Mind Map: GOAL: Ethically build inherited ROTH from $250 to $2,500

1. Biz Plan 1: Straight Landlord Arbitrage

1.1. Buy an option on an unfurnished rental unit for below market value for 1 year

1.2. Re-rent unit for full market value

1.3. Have tenant rent deposited in IIRA and pay landlord out of IIRA

2. Biz Plan 2: JV in a Rental Arbitrage

2.1. Form a JV

2.2. Have JV rent an unfurnished dwelling

2.3. JV furnishes dwelling and markets it as a short term rental

2.4. JV makes distributions to IIRA and partners

3. Biz Plan 3: Sell an Option

3.1. Have IIRA buy an purchase option from someone who's selling their property

3.2. Sell IIRA's option to a buyer willing to pay more than option price

3.3. Sch C income. Pay 15% UBITS on profit <$2,550

4. Biz Plan 4: Give/Wrap a Loan

4.1. Have IIRA borrow money and lend it out at a higher rate.

4.2. Pay 15% UBITS on profit <$2,500

5. Biz Plan 5: Buy and Rent Furniture

5.1. JV on furniture purchase. All cash. Sign furniture rental agreement.

5.2. Pay 15% UBITS on profit <$2,550. Offset tax with depreciation and related biz expenses

6. Biz Plan 6: Buy Rental, Cash Refi/Sell

6.1. Form a JV with a FF who has a sizable IRA

6.2. JV buys a property

6.3. Your Stretch IRA gets a % of equity upon sale/refinance

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8. Biz Plan 7: Create a Personal Property Trust and Allow Members to Collect Loan Fees

8.1. Create a Paper Trust

8.2. Open a bank account

8.3. Have members' Stretch IRAs invest in trust

8.4. Allow member to loan money from within bank account and collect "origination fees."

8.5. The member who originates loan get their fees sent to their Stretch IRA

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